B&B Aluminum Sailtrack

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$12.99 - $85.00


Extruded, anodised, aluminum

B&B Custom Sailtrack

Duckworks is pleased to offer a new custom sailtrack suitable for all sailboats small and large. This track has been designed by B&B and produced in the USA. Their goal with this track was to offer a high quality sail track at a competitive price that could be easily attached to round or rectangular mast sections.


  • 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • Satin 201 R1 Anodized.
  • Predrilled and countersunk holes for 5/32 countersunk rivets or #6 Screws.
  • "Vee" groove for easy drilling.
  • 93 inch lengths.
  • For use with 5/8" internal slides.

This sail track is extruded aluminum and every corner inside and out is rounded. A concave back face with "feet" on either side fits perfectly on round mast sections down to 1.5" diameter. The concave causes the track to literally "snap" into place and self aligns lengthwise on the mast. In larger diameters, the "feet" contact the surface to provide a wide contact area that cannot work loose over time.

Fastening: B&B sailtrack is pre-drilled and countersunk for 5/32 countersunk head rivets or #6 wood screws. We recommend the use of stainless steel fasteners for our sailtrack. Stainless rivets should always be used when riveting aluminum in marine environments. As shown above, a small bushing is needed to extend the tip on a standard rivet gun in order to reach the rivet head due to the depth of the track. This can easily be made from a mild steel bolt on a drill press or in a pinch, a few #6 nuts can be stacked to act as a bushing.

For wooden masts, #8 screws can be used but will require a larger countersink in order for the screw to fit flush. A regular countersink can be ground down on a drill press with an angle grinder such that it fits between the sides of the track. 

Plastic Sail Slides: The track is designed for standard 5/8" internal plastic sail slides. The combination of plastic sail slides on aluminum is superior to stainless on stainless which requires careful polishing and waxing to achieve friction free hoisting and lowering. Plastic slides can also be “hollowed” slightly on a belt sander to reduce friction on the backsides of the sail slides. A hollowed slide can be seen in picture above.

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in 93" lengths or 1 foot increments.
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