Windknife Aluminum Extrusions

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110.5 cm lengths (43.5 inches)

Windknife offers the D.I.Y builder a simple, inexpensive and fast way to create accurate and durable aluminium foils of varying sizes without the need for expensive tooling.We now offer : The "Full Foil 13".

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Shipping Note: Some countries have length restrictions so if you are ordering a Windknife extrusion from outside the US, please ask for a quote. Also NOTE that because Windknife is quite heavy and comes to us from a long way away (U.K.) some of the lengths will have minor blemishes—the occasional scratch or sometimes a little bend at the very tip of the top or bottom corner of the trailing edge. The cut ends might also be sharp or rough. Finally, for those using Windknife as a tool for a mold, while the finish is excellent, the extrusion process does leave the foils with very subtle rippling you can feel with your fingers..


Full Foil 13 [FF13]
Complete 6063-T5 Anodised section
135mm chord
Standard Length - 110.5cm 1.7kg
Nominal Wall Thickness - 2mm


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Full Foils

Our latest extrusion is a complete foil which can be altered to create foils of different profiles without the need to purchase additional parts. It requires less operations to complete and has less joints.

Just like the original Foil Nose this extrusion can be used to create foils of different shapes and sizes

Analysis showing a Full Foil being deformed to create a shorter thinner section.

The full foil can be cut and compressed or expanded to create foils of different sizes.In the picture below we see three sizes 270mm, 210mm and 160mm chord lengths. The rear section which was cut off can be used to improve the glue joint by enlarging the surface area to be glued.

In this sequence of images a standard 25mm section is expanded to 30mm wide by using a 1" ball bearing and pushed through with a 1" Diameter Alumunium bar. The resulting section is a 30mm thick section identical to a Laser Pico Centreboard.

We have a new model called the Full Foil 13 [FF13] which is a half size full foil that is 13cm long. this has been in response to a request from people building foiling boats and kite foils.

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Shipping Note:
Some countries have length restrictions so if you are ordering a Windknife extrusion from outside the US, please ask for a quote.
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