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ATX Sailcloth Wallet

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$10.00 - $12.00


New from Seamwork ATX This is a very simple, slim wallet with pockets for credit cards and drivers license as well as a full length one for bills - just like a real billfold. But this one is made of 3.8 oz. Challenge sailcloth - the same stuff we make many of our sails with. With a little bit of cushion lining sewn in to keep your cards from slipping around.

I hate having a fat wallet that makes you heel over while sitting and sometimes fall off bar stools. This gem is only about a tenth of an inch (3mm) thick max. Lightweight, very nautical, quite practical and functional. Get one for yourself and loved ones.

Standard Model is oriented with a single card pocket on either side and does not have the non-slip cushion material.

Deluxe Model has two card pockets on either side that open to the top of the wallet, and does include the non-slip cushion material.

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