An inexpensive, durable oarlock system

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If you're looking to outfit your boat with nice-looking traditional oarlocks at a good price—here's the package for you. Includes a set of premium brass oarlocks, premium brass oarlock sockets, and a set of oar collars that come with brass nails to affix. All items are made by the same company (Sea Dog) so they work well together perfectly.

If you prefer side-mount or top-mount sockets you can build your own package by adding these items individually to your shopping cart.

If you prefer bronze oarlocks, you can find those oarlocks and sockets here.
How should your oars fit in the oarlocks? The ideal setup is that the collared portion of the oar won't slip out of the top opening of the horns. This means the oar needs to be slid down on the shaft some to release from the oarlock and also that it won't pop out while rowing.
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