Ailsa 22 Plans

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The Ailsa 22' is a lightweight trailer sailer which uses plywood/epoxy construction for most of the hull and deck and modern strip planking for the round bilge area. Pre-fabricated plywood sections are used for the basic hull structure allowing a lot of the construction to be done in small easily handled units before the whole hull is put together. Much of the initial construction can therefore be started well away from the final assembly site. The standard layout has four berths and a galley in an open plan arrangement with a separate w.c. compartment. Trailing is made easy because she has a mast mounted in a tabernacle and simple lifting bilge boards rather than a fixed keel. The boards are a larger version of those used in our Lynx 14 design and work in slots outboard of the main accommodation using a hoist arrangement which is controlled from the cockpit. To keep the trailing weight down the ballast is divided between permanent solid ballast and water ballast tanks which are filled once the boat has been launched. The design could take different keel and ballast options if required.

Ailsa 22 Particulars

LOD 22' 6.7m
Beam 8'6" 2.6m
Draft 10"/3'10" 0.25/1.18m
Sail Area 231 sq.ft 21.45 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 3310 lbs 1500 kg
Ballast - solid
Ballast - water
595 lbs
595 lbs
270 kg
270 kg
Maximum Headroom 5'3" 1.59m
Accommodation 4 berths plus galley and wc
Engine 10-12 hp outboard
Hull Shape U shaped with flat bottom panel and rounded bilges
Construction Methods Ply over frame
Major plywood requirements for hull 6 x 4mm sheets
23 x 9mm sheets
2 x 12mm sheets
Guidance Use Offshore
Drawing/Design Package 9 x A1 drawings + 5 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Larger rig with 248 sq.ft (23.08m) area

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