25' 4" Breton Lugger Plans

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The Breton Lugger is a simple 2 chine, 'V' bottomed ply over frame yacht. her hull shape is based on the Breton type made simple in chined plywood.

The framework is made up of ply bulkheads edged with pine frames set up with ply bow and stern girders upside down on a strongback. Chine stringers and hog are laminated in place before the framework is cleaned up ready to take the plywood skin. The bottom plank is put on in 2 thicknesses of plywood to make fitting the plywood in the forefoot area more simple.

An outboard well is incorporated aft which the cockpit drains into.

The dipping lug rig means that there is no standing rigging - the sail is not normally dipped these days but she could easily take other rigs.

Accommodation is simple with 4 berths and space for a small galley and wc. ballast is either internal or lead in a simple steel box.

25'4" Breton Lugger Particulars

LOD 25'4" 7.72m
Beam 8'3" 2.52m
Draft 2'9 1/2" 0.85m
Sail Area 339 sq.ft 31.5 sq.m
Approx. weight 3197 lbs 1450 kgs
Ballast 1047 lbs 475 kgs
Maximum Headroom 4' 9 1/2" 1.46m
Accommodation 4 berths with separate wc and galley
Engine 10 hp outboard
Hull Shape 'U' shaped with 2 chines per side
Construction Methods Multi-chine ply over frames/bulkheads
Major plywood requirements 6mm x 20 sheets
9mm x 8 sheets
12mm x 12 sheets
Guidance Use Coastal/cross channel
Drawing/Design Package 11 x A1 drawings + 9 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans

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