24' Oarsome Coastal Rowing Skiff

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Oarsome Chance came to me for the design of a 24' Coastal Rowing Skiff which could be more easily used as a multi-role boat and which was safer for use offshore.

Instead of a double ended design, often used for this role, we went for a transomed design more easily allowing for the fitting of an outboard and engine. We also added side benches which act as buoyancy chambers which, along with the fore and aft chambers give a total of 650kg of floatation.

The thwarts, being mounted on top of the side chambers means that they can be reconfigured and the plans come with simple sprit rig and centreplate details.

Construction can be clinker ply over moulds (full-size mould shapes are supplied with the plans) or a combination of clinker ply topsides with a strip planked bottom, may be used.

24' Oarsome Coastal Rowing Skiff Particulars

LOA 24' 1" 7.35m
Beam 5' 10" 1.77m
Hull Mid Depth 1' 8" 0.50m
Draft 7"/ 4' 0.18/ 1.2m
Approx. Dry Weight 496 lbs 225 kg
Hull Shape 'U' shaped with 7 planks per side
Construction Method Clinker with 7 planks per side or combination clinker/strip with 4 clinker plans per side plus strip bottom
Major plywood requirements for hull 11 sheets of 9mm plus 300m of 12x33mm WRC (984' of 1/2"x 1 1/4" WRC)
Guidance Use 6 + adults
Drawing/Design Package 2 x A0 + 4 x A1 drawings + 4 x A4 instruction sheets
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