23 Yamato Plans

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This is a modern plywood updated version of the Japanese Yamato fishing boats. The client in this case, worked in Japan and admired these boats - he was able to obtain the lines from one example and gave it to us so that we could draw up a simple plywood version. the simple flat bottomed double chine hull form is similar to some of our motor boats and is an easily driven and stable shape. She is mainly open with large lockers and a small forward cuddy. sail power is provided by a simple unstayed lug rig and she has an inboard 9 hp diesel. Along with the centreplate and skeg is stub bilge keels which allow her to dry out upright. All in all, she is a practical sea boat. Construction is ply over frame with the frames, girders etc set-up on a strongback.

23' Japanese Fishing Boat Particulars

LOD 23'7" 7.2m
Beam 7'2" 2.18m
Draft 1'7"/4'4" 0.49/1.33m
Sail Area 192 sq.ft 17.8 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 2977 lbs 1350 kg
Ballast 992 lbs 450 kg
Maximum Headroom 4' 1.22m
Accommodation Open cuddy with space for 2 sleeping
Engine 9 hp inboard
Hull Shape Narrow flat bottom plus 2 planks per side
Construction Methods Ply over frame
Major plywood requirements for hull 15 x 9mm sheets
7 x 12 sheets
5 x 18mm sheets
Guidance Use Coastal/Offshore
Drawing/Design Package 9 x A1 drawings + 7 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans

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