20' Strip Planked Kite Plans

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The Kite was conceived as a fast and seaworthy dayboat capable of taking a family comfortably on extended coastal camping treks or to provide them with some exciting day-sailing in estuary waters. In designing the hull, we have kept in mind a multi-role concept and as well as providing a large open dayboat, the same hull also has the capacity to take a full deck and cabin arrangement making her into a comfortable fast cruising yacht. As drawn, we have shown her as a simple open dayboat with fully fitted cockpit seating/lockers and a foredeck. Fitting a boom tent will allow sleeping on board whilst the drawings also show an alternative cuddy arrangement with space to accommodate a small galley and Porta-loo. We can also draw up alternative fit out arrangements going up to a fully fitted cabin. Construction uses the modern strip plank method with a core of Cedar sheathed both sides with glass cloth in epoxy. The ply bulkheads and remaining structure are all bonded in with epoxy. The centreboard (which could be substituted with a fixed keel) has an aluminium core with wood sheath. Ballast is provided by a combination of solid ballast in the bilge and water ballast tanks.

20' Strip Planked Kite Particulars

LOA 20' 6.1m
Beam 8'1" 2.45m
Hull Mid Depth 2'11" 0.89m
Draft 9"/4'7" 0.23/1.39m
Sail Area 225 sq.ft 20.89 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 1600 lbs 726 kg
Hull Shape Round bilge
Construction Methods Strip plank
Major strip wood requirements for hull 2550' of 5/8" x 1 1/4" (780m of 15x30mm) Western Red Cedar
Guidance Use Up to 6 adults
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings + 8 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans

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