11'6" Eider Duck Punt Plans

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The Eider is a simple plywood duck punt suitable for river and canal rowing and some quiet fishing. We have given her a small transom stern to allow more stowage space and so that she could take a small petrol or electric outboard if required. She is 11'6" long and the plans give the panel shapes for two versions, one with a beam of 3'11" and the other with a beam of 3'4". The larger beam version is ideal for fishing and for taking passengers, whilst the narrower beam version can be used for serious single rowing. 4 sheets of 6mm ply are used and the construction method is simple stitch and tape keeping weight to a minimum. She could be used with a simple sail and leeboard.

11'6" Eider Duck Punt Particulars

LOA 11'6" 3.5m
Beam 3' 11" and 3'4" 1.19m and 1.02m
Hull Mid Depth 9" 0.23m
Draft 3 1/2" 0.09m
Approx. Dry Weight 90 lbs 40.8 kg
Hull Shape Flat bottom single chine
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 4 sheets of 6mm exterior or marine plywood
Guidance Use Usually single adult
Drawing/Design Package 1 x A1 drawing + 4 x A4 instruction sheets

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