10'9" Medway Skiff Plans

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The Medway 11 is a rowing skiff development of our Medway Doble design. We have retained the same 3 plywood planks per side and the simple stitch and tape method of construction. She uses just 3 sheets of 5 or 6mmplywood. As drawn, she is fitted out for single use with a central rowing thwart and with buoyancy/stowage compartments at either end. These can be replaced by seating so that she could take 3 adults. Her 'V' bottomed hull section has a moderate waterline beam keeping the wetted surface area to a minimum making her easy to row and straight tracking. She has a "wineglass" shaped transom giving her some width at deck level with basically a double ended hull form at the waterline.

10'9" Medway Skiff Particulars

LOA 10'9" 3.27m
Beam 4' 1.22m
Hull Mid Depth 1'2" 0.34m
Draft 4 1/2" 0.11m
Approx. Dry Weight 75 lbs 34 kg
Hull Shape V bottom with 3 planks per side (stitch and tape) or with 5 planks per side (clinker ply)
Construction Method Stitch and tape and clinker ply
Major plywood requirements for hull 3 1/2 sheets of 4,5 or 6mm plywood
Guidance Use Up to 2 adults
Drawing/Design Package 4 x A1 drawings + 5 x A4 instruction sheets
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