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  • Paloma Open Power Plans

    Paloma Open Power Plans

    The PALOMA, in its various versions, derives from a fruitful collaboration with our clients and, perhaps, also for this reason, it seems to have met the favour of the public. It all started from the request of a client who wanted an inboard motor boat,...
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  • 8' Nymph Plans

    8' Nymph Plans

    This is the last and smallest of the fly fishing hulls that I have designed. With hulls now at 8, 9, and 10 feet, there is no good reason to go either longer or shorter with a flat bottomed hull for fly fishing. If someone needs a larger hull, then one...
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  • Mighty Mini Plans PDF

    Mighty Mini Plans PDF

    The request for The Mighty Mini came from my readers, for a small almost single sheet boat of skiff design. It includes an ample beam, and freeboard, generous internal volume, single seating, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build,...
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  • Sunray 11' Plans

    Sunray 11' Plans

    The Sunray was designed for Brightwater Boats - she is built using the clinker ply method with the ply frames and girders set up together on a strongback. She has a foredeck and aft tank plus side benches. Note - the plans do give computer...
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  • AF4 BREVE Plans PDF

    AF4 BREVE Plans PDF

    "Dear Jim, I've got to tell you - that little AF4b of yours is a marvel.I've logged close to a thousand miles on her so far, through streams,rivers, canals, bays, sounds, and even one unplanned foray intothe wide Atlantic*; in blazing sunshine, driving...
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  • Swan 20 Plans

    Swan 20 Plans

    20' x 5'6" ultra simple light weight stitch and glue sharpie. Can be constructed in 3 sections for easy transport and storage. Also optional cubby and water ballast tank. Pre-shaped side and bottom hull panels are stitched and taped together with ply...
    $34.00 - $135.00
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  • 15'4" Fly Fishing  Coble Plans

    15'4" Fly Fishing Coble Plans

    This design has been based upon our Northumbrian Coble designs - the client wanted a very stable seaworthy design mainly for outboard power but which could also be rowed and take a sail plan. Basic construction is for stitch and tape but the moulds/jig...
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  • Fliptail-6 Plans PDF

    Fliptail-6 Plans PDF

    Fliptail 6 Assembled - 6'2" (188cm) Long - 40" (102cm) Wide - 16" (40cm) High. Folded - 6'2" (188cm) Long - 24" (60cm) Wide - 10" (25cm) High. Weight - Basic boat from 15 kilos (33lbs) Carrying capacity - Two adults or 150 kilos (330lbs) Max...
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  • Argie 15 Plans

    Argie 15 Plans

    ~ Attractive & versatile , Argie 15 offers fun for the whole family.~ Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed, space for camp-cruising on lakes and rivers.~ Simple stitch and glue method, build with minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding...
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  • Naut 350 Plans PDF

    Naut 350 Plans PDF

    A friend asked me to draw a contemporary fast sailing dinghy. The hull shape has been tested in a VPP program. 6 sheets of ACX 5 mm, 1/5 plywood. Simple stitch & tape epoxy building, with glass fiber on the hull, chines and all edges...
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  • Lambay Island 22 Plans

    Lambay Island 22 Plans

    This is a 22' motor boat with a large cockpit area and comfortable accommodation with 2 large berths, w.c. compartment and galley with dining space. The drawings are originally for steel construction but she could be made out of plywood over a simple...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • AWOL Printed Plans

    AWOL Printed Plans

    For study plan download, click HERE. For AWOL Plans digital download, click HERE David Perillo was one of my most enthusiastic Navigator owners, he'd bought a second hand one after having to sell a much bigger boat and after sailing it on Aucklands...
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  • Myst Plans Instant Download

    Myst Plans Instant Download

    for printed plans - click HEREdownload free study plans HERE MYST: Building plans consist of 27 pages of written text and 11 sheets of computer-generated drawings, including full-size patterns for all major structural components (moulds,...
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  • 41' Humber Steel Motor Barge Plans

    41' Humber Steel Motor Barge Plans

    This is a steel multi-chine motor barge for use in the waters of the UK and Europe, crossing the Channel and exploring the rivers and canals of the European mainland. She has a section of parallel middle-body which means that she can be stretched. She...
    $47.00 - $608.00
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  • Ptarmigan 17' Plans

    Ptarmigan 17' Plans

    The 6’ beam version of the Ptarmigan 15 is quite popular and now we have extended the whole design to 17’x6’11’’. Although only 2’ longer than her sister, the Ptarmigan 17 has quite a bit more volume for...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • SEI Printed Plans

    SEI Printed Plans

    For a Study Plan Download, click HERE   For a Full Plan Digital Download, click HERE   I really like double ended boats, they have a grace and beauty that the blunt ended craft don't have, but I wanted one that would meet a particular set of...
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  • V14 Runabout Plans

    V14 Runabout Plans

    Click HERE for free study plan download Full size templates for this boat are available HERESpecifications Length - 13' 10" Beam - 4' 10"Bare Hull Weight - (approx) 250 lbsPower Requirement: 10 to 30 hp, short shaft outboard 'V14' is an (almost)...
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  • North Pacific 60 Plans

    North Pacific 60 Plans

    The North Pacific 60 is a long range comfortable cruising yacht. Designed originally for a client in Hong Kong for use in the Philippines she has a wide beam and relatively shoal draft with a centreboard to enable her to get into anchorages...
    $101.00 - $2,025.00
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  • 12' Taw Plans

    12' Taw Plans

    The 12'Taw is a simple 'V' bottomed plywood runabout for two people. Construction starts with the plywood frames/bulkheads being slotted onto a plywood central girder and the transom fitted. Bottom stringers are added to stiffen the bottom area...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • 15' Trican Motor Canoe Plans

    15' Trican Motor Canoe Plans

    The client who asked for this design, Jim Ferguson (who has sadly now passed on), wanted a design that could be used in a number of ways - a true multi-role craft for use in Australian waters. The main hull can be used by itself as a simple motor canoe...
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  • Ceecan 19 Plans

    Ceecan 19 Plans

    CEECAN is a simple river cruiser for outboard power. Her hull may be stretched or shortened to suit and her superstructure and deck layout changed to you own requirements. The drawings give details for the hull and superstructure construction. She may...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • Venezia 525 Plans PDF

    Venezia 525 Plans PDF

    A classical motor launch based on a simple plywood epoxy semi-dory hull. Rear self-draining cockpit, a central siting place with protecting coamings, and a forward locker with a hatch. The shape of the bottom is given by a central backbone where the...
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  • Zeta 14ft Trimaran Plans Download

    Zeta 14ft Trimaran Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Free Study Plans - Click HERE Zeta is another of my small, hard chine plywood trimaran, but this time it is a fast singlehander with the emphasis on being as simple and quick to build as possible. The photo below shows my...
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  • Naut 420 Plans PDF

    Naut 420 Plans PDF

    14 foot simple cruising sailboat for two overnight or three for a day cruise, design for protected or inlands waters.A classic design pocket sailboat with 2 berths and a small cockpit.11 sheets of ACX 3/8" plywood.I recommend using epoxy, without glass...
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  • Baby Wren Plans

    Baby Wren Plans

    The Baby Wren canoe was designed for Tyrone Boats and is a smaller single seat version of our 15’10’’ Wren Canadian canoe. She has a similar hull shape with a flat (but rockered) bottom hull panel and two chines per side. This makes her...
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  • Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht Plans

    Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht Plans

    For Motor Sailer Supplement Click HERE Our Rathlin design is not the type of motor yacht that you would normally see these days as a new ‘‘modern’’ design. Most new craft of the motor type to come off the drawing board now,...
    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • Heron 14 Plans

    Heron 14 Plans

    This is a slightly smaller and more simple single chine version of the Grey Swan. The design is very adaptable and bulkhead positions, the rig and the keel configuration may be altered to suit your own individual requirements. All the panel shapes...
    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • 49' Red Grouse Plans

    49' Red Grouse Plans

    This was originally a design contract for the detailed refit drawings for a canoe sterned wood hull which had been totally stripped of it's original accommodation, decking, rig etc. We drew up a new design which has sleeping accommodation for 8 in...
    $95.00 - $1,148.00
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  • 24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    The New Bedford Whalers were renowned for their ruggedness and sea-kindly manner. Typically they were 28' or 30' long. I was asked to draw up the lines for a shorter version for a film company and decided to use this design work as the basis of a full...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • 15' V Bottomed Ruddy Duck Punt Plans

    15' V Bottomed Ruddy Duck Punt Plans

    The Ruddy Duck has been based upon our simple flat bottomed Eider Duck Punt. We were asked to alter her for more serious rowing by a crew of 2 so we went for a double ended hull shape with a ‘V’ bottom and more rocker. The plans give details for...
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  • Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    A nesting dinghy for your yacht Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Principal dimensions:   L.O.A. 3.08 m (10' 1") Beam 1.43 m (4' 8") Sail area 5.20 m2 (56 sqft) ...
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  • Sundowner Study Plan Download

    Sundowner Study Plan Download

    For a Sundowner Full Printed Plans, click HERE For Full Digital Download Plans for Sundowner, click HERE Sundowner was drawn up in response to an enquiry from a customer who's dream it was to build a small ocean going cruiser with his own hands, then...
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  • Boatbuilding For Beginners (and Beyond)

    Boatbuilding For Beginners (and Beyond)

    Jim Michalak's long awaited second book is here. Garth Battista, of Breakaway Books, convinced Jim to put down everything he knows about boat building in a professionally printed and bound book. Much of the material comes from Jim's popular online...
  • "Fritz" a Tender

    "Fritz" a Tender

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Here is an easy to built small dinghy. 2 m (almost 8 feed) long with a weight of 18 kg ( 60lbs light). The boat served us well on our 11 year journey on our PELICAN catamaran. I could row it till wind...
  • Harrier 13' Motor Dory Plans

    Harrier 13' Motor Dory Plans

    The Harrier is a simple single chined 'V' bottomed stitch and tape ply dory for outboard power. She has been designed to give as much carrying capacity as possible in a 13' car-toppable boat making her suitable for fishing and picnicking as well as for...
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  • Jewelbox Plans PDF

    Jewelbox Plans PDF

    Here is a boat that is supposed to be self righting to a great degree without ballast! Jewelbox has the combination proven by Bolger's Birdwatcher of high sides with a thick bottom and low down crew weight to act as ballast. Karl James told me his boat...
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  • Scow 420 Free Plans

    Scow 420 Free Plans

    For metric plans, click HEREFor imperial plans, click HERE 14 foot simple camper sailboat for two, designed for protected or inlands waters. A very simple boat to build with basic tools and material, all plywood parts have the same thickness. I...
  • Voyager Plans

    Voyager Plans

    Length-14-1/2 feetBeam-33 inchesDraft-4 inchesWeight-35 to 40 poundsClick HERE for a bill of materialsVoyager, like her smaller sister Indian Girl, was strongly influenced by the decked canoes from the late 1800’s. Voyager, however, shows more...
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  • Ebihen 16 - Strip Planked

    Ebihen 16 - Strip Planked

    Traditional sail boat, 4.8 m long, with outboard motor well, strip planked over laminated frames For Ebihen Study Plans click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.80/4.54 m   Sail area 15.5 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.85 / 1.64...
    $238.00 - $343.00
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  • KAYAK+ Plans PDF

    KAYAK+ Plans PDF

    KAYAK specifications: OAL: 95 inches Max Width: 30 inches Height: 15 inches (12" option) Weight: 40 pounds Max load = 250 pounds Draw: 4", with average weight operator Well, I have completed yet another boat...
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  • Today 11 Plans

    Today 11 Plans

    This useful dinghy was commissioned from us by the magazine SAILING TODAY and features as a series of articles on her construction in the Feb, March and April 1999 issues. the magazine wanted a simple but attractive plywood craft to be built using...
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  • Kidyak Plans PDF

    Kidyak Plans PDF

    A kid size kayak for kids. 10' x 19.5" {3.05m x 49.5cm} suitable for kids up to about 90 lbs {41kg} Weight about 15 lbs {7kg} For printed plans for Kidyak, click HERE The Kidyak is a child sized skin-on-frame kayak, suitable for kids up to about 90 lbs...
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  • 12'/16' Ranger Plans

    12'/16' Ranger Plans

    The Ranger is a simple multi-purpose canoe design for first time or young builders who want a quick, simple and low cost boat to get them onto inland waterways. Although a single chine design she still has graceful lines and she can be built both in 12'...
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  • DUO 480C "jigsaw" Plans

    DUO 480C "jigsaw" Plans

    DUO 480C under construction in New Zealand   This design cost me more time than I thought it would, but the result is precisely what I wanted: an easy to built boat with a lot of possibilities for the weekend sailor. With its beam of only 2,30m (7...
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  • Micro Mouse Free Plans

    Micro Mouse Free Plans

     Free plans. To download the file, click HERE I've had a number of requests for a still smaller Mouse, and the Micro Mouse is it! However, I also wanted to create a official Mouse with a flat bottom and curved sides for, although the...
  • Presto 16 Plans PDF

    Presto 16 Plans PDF

    This is a boat for the person who would rather spend time on the water than in the shop. All joints are first attached with copper wire for positioning and then taped with fiberglass cloth tape and epoxy for the structural connection. The components...
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  • Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was my first design to get built. Here is a photo of Chris Feller's up Chicago way. She is shown with the original 55 square foot rig. I still have the boat. The sail rig has been experimented with many times but the hull is identical today...
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  • Ten Footers: Zen, Polly, Junior, Scheggia Plans

    Ten Footers: Zen, Polly, Junior, Scheggia Plans

    Four stitch and glue day sailers Let us now consider these four Ten-footers which have a common (stitch and glue) method of construction and a chine hull. It is perhaps necessary to explain why there are four projects on this theme. Firstly, the...
    $69.00 - $85.00
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  • 19'6" Pocket Cruiser Plans

    19'6" Pocket Cruiser Plans

    This little ship, with it’s shallow draft, is ideal for exploring estuaries as well as for coastal cruising with a young family. Having bilge keels means that she will dry out level making her easily berthed in a creek. LOD (Length over deck)...
    $34.00 - $465.00
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