• Ruby 19 Plans

    Ruby 19 Plans

    The Ruby 19 is based on our Ruby 22 double chine plywood steam launch. In the case of the Ruby 19 a client wanted a shorter version of the 22 to be built in steel which meant widening and deepening her to take the steel weight. Having produced the...
    $27.00 - $257.00
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  • Dogsbody Free Plans

    Dogsbody Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This is my stab at drawing a general purpose boat of a kind that I see everywhere. In fact, I have the impression more small outboard boats are in use than any other kind - they're used for fishing,...
  • 16' Curlew Motor Punt Plans

    16' Curlew Motor Punt Plans

    This is a very simple stitch and tape design using 5 sheets of 9mm (3/8") ply with pre-shaped hull panels and transoms. With a beam of 4'6" and a mid depth of 16" she has plenty of room for fishing, camping or for family pic-nics.She may be rowed but is...
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  • Portable Camper Cruiser 3 Plans PDF

    Portable Camper Cruiser 3 Plans PDF

    Here is another variation of the PORTABLE CAMPER CRUISER. This one is especially suited to fit in most SUV's, all Trucks and Campers. It's 3 foot width and 2 foot transport height are ideal for in vehicle storage. It also is dedicated to be a solo...
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  • Rufus 20 Plans

    Rufus 20 Plans

    The RUFUS 17 plans have included the hull panel and frame shapes for a 20' x 8' version which were requested as a modification. I have now taken the 20' details and added a full set of plans for this version including hull construction details, deck...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • Three Brothers Plans PDF

    Three Brothers Plans PDF

    Three Brothers An efficient powerboat for work and play Some time ago I received a letter from my long-time boating and bush-exploration friend, Ian Hamilton. Ian seemed to have been going through something of an extended mid-life crisis, but never...
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  • Silver 333 Plans

    Silver 333 Plans

    The SILVER 333 is a very small classical runabout for one or two people which may easily be transported on top of a mid-size car roof. Maximum suggested power of the motor is 15/20 HP, which is sufficient for planing. The bow of the boat acts as a tank...
    $13.00 - $98.00
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  • Simplex Plans PDF

    Simplex Plans PDF

    "SIMPLEX" — 18' Military type outboard cruiser, wood. Beam 7' 6". Two bunks forward. Includes lines, offsets, construction drawings, etc. 4 sheets plus article reprint. click image above for larger view UP IN THE lake states where outboard motors...
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  • ECO 55 Power Cat Plans

    ECO 55 Power Cat Plans

    The ECO 55 power catamaran is an affordable DIY power catamaran. As the owner proved the boat is a capable coastal cruiser. The inside layout is the same as for the ECO55 sail version but the underwater shape is changed. The cockpit is wider and has a...
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  • 26' General Purpose Workboat Plans

    26' General Purpose Workboat Plans

    This is a general purpose 26' workboat with a beam of 8'4". Construction consists of pre-shaped ply bulkheads and girders which are slotted together. Chine girders are then fitted and the pre-shaped hull skin then applied. Details are shown for the...
    $34.00 - $162.00
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  • Centex 16 Instant Download

    Centex 16 Instant Download

    It would seem as though the "Golden Age" of yachting has passed us by. Instead, perhaps, there is a new movement afoot -- a movement of backyard and garage boat builders, building at home using plywood (often construction grade) and epoxy, building boats...
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  • Skoota 18 Power Cat Plans PDF

    Skoota 18 Power Cat Plans PDF

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Click HERE to download Free Study Plans LOA 5.6m 18ft 4in LWL 5.4m 17ft7in BOA 2.5m 8ft2in Empty weight 320kgs 700lbs Displacement to WL 700kgs 1500lbs Draft max 350mm 14in Outboard engine 9.9-20hp max The Skoota 18 is a...
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  • 23' Canal Cruiser Plans

    23' Canal Cruiser Plans

    This is a simple ply cruiser designed specifically for canal use on the UK's narrow canals. She uses simple ply on frame construction and she has parallel sections aft which mean that she can lengthened or shortened easily. The drawings are for the...
    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Twang Plans

    Twang Plans

    Twang is a light small power skiff, light enough to cartop (I notice the wheels on the transom in the photo) if you keep your mind on weight as you build and if you can figure out a way to carry your motor and fuel without ruining your car. It...
  • Somerset 11 Houseboat Plans

    Somerset 11 Houseboat Plans

    This is a simple barge with flat bottom single chine shape and a "ramped" shaped bow and stern. Despite the fact that this is a 'static' boat, the hull has been drawn to give a tough basis for whatever top is required. the drawings give the details for a...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Edwardian 50 Plans

    Edwardian 50 Plans

    The Edwardian 50 has been designed for canal and inland river use. She has a beam of 7'6" which allows her to navigate much of our inland waterways and a height (air draft) which will let her get under most bridges. Her construction drawings are for...
    $41.00 - $540.00
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  • Mini Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Mini Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Download free PDF Study Plan - Click HERE SPECIFICATIONS : BOAT OAL = 12 feet OAW = 4 feet OAH = 34 inches (top of cabin) Occupants = 4 max Capacity = 750 pounds max. Power = Row or 3 HP motor max. CAMPER OAL = 7 feet OAW...
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  • Micro Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Micro Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Click HERE for a Sail Rig Supplement for this boatTo download free sponson plans for this boat click HERE The idea for the Micro CAMPER CRUISER is the designer's desire for a portable overnight boat that fits in his car. It includes an...
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  • Rose 17'9" Launch Supplement

    Rose 17'9" Launch Supplement

    Note: This supplement lets you use the Rose 15'3" plans to build a 17' 9" version described below. You need the Rose 15" 3' plans as well as this supplement.___________________________For those wanting an elegant traditional looking launch to go with...
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  • Dockbox Plans PDF

    Dockbox Plans PDF

    Go ahead and laugh. Sleeps two. 5 hp max. Very protected water only. Nail and glue construction from two sheets of 1/4" plywood and four sheets of 3/8" plywood. Plans include two pages of drawings and a page of written details. These plans do require a...
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  • Quick Canoe Electric Plans PDF

    Quick Canoe Electric Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE A kit for this boat is available from JO Woodworks. The idea was thought up by Dana Stovall. He built the boat from cheap ply and most of the framing was from recycled shipping pallets - a cheap build - done nicely...
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  • Handy Punt Plans PDF

    Handy Punt Plans PDF

    For Handy Punt printed plans, click HERE Simple to BuildStableBuilt in Buoyancy tanksExcellent Utility Boat for Caravanning.Comprehensive Plan Pack with step by step instructions and many illustrations Background:The Handy Punt was my third design. It...
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  • Venezia + Dayboat Plans PDF

    Venezia + Dayboat Plans PDF

    "Venezia" - canal boat/river boat for the Venice Lagoon + Full Dayboat plans A compact trailerable motorboat with accomodationFor printed plans click HERE Simple to Build Economical Performance - Good speed with small outboards Light enough to be...
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  • TC35 Plans PDF

    TC35 Plans PDF

    For study plan download, click HERE For printed full plans, click HERE Simple to Build - Prefabrication Method - Most of the major parts can be finished before the boat is assembled. Almost silent, Cheap liveaboard Drawings for all bulkheads and panels...
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