• Vila 650 Plans

    Vila 650 Plans

    The Vila are female fairy figures in Slav mythology, similar to Greek nymphs. They control storms and live on fields, in ponds, in the ocean, on trees and clouds. They may take on different forms and appear as a swan, horse, wolf, as well as being very...
    $16.00 - $299.00
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  • 32' x 6' 9" Steel Canal Tug Plans

    32' x 6' 9" Steel Canal Tug Plans

    We have drawn up the steel construction details (hull, deck, sterngear and rudder details only) for this 32' canal boat based on a tug design with a fantail aft end and narrow boat lines amidships running into a tug type bow. She may be fitted out in a...
    $34.00 - $223.00
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  • The Wedge Plans PDF

    The Wedge Plans PDF

    There is now a sail supplement available for this boat HERE I have another design completed and tested for you. It's called The WEDGE, and it obviously gets it's name from it's shape. This is a two occupant boat, with good freeboard and stand-up...
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  • 20'/22' Kennet Slipper Launch Plans

    20'/22' Kennet Slipper Launch Plans

    The Kennet can be built either as a 20' or a 22' slipper launch details and panel shapes are given on the plans for both versions. She has a "V" bottom forward which flattens out as it runs aft giving an easily driven hull shape which has plenty of grip...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • Rufus 17 Plans

    Rufus 17 Plans

    The RUFUS 17' motor boat is a simple rugged craft with jaunty good looks. She has 3 chines per side and plenty of freeboard and beam, giving her an excellent carrying capacity and very good stability. She can be made as a simple open launch, in which...
    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • Kingfisher Plans PDF

    Kingfisher Plans PDF

    "KINGFISHER" - 17' Utility launch, inboard or outboard. Includes 2 profiles, arrangements, lines, table of offsets, construction plans. 3 sheets plus article reprint. Build her in your garage over one winter. You can trail her anywhere and use her on...
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  • 14' Nuthatch Pram Plans - Fishing Version PDF

    14' Nuthatch Pram Plans - Fishing Version PDF

    The 14ft Nuthatch Pram Thank you for choosing to build the 14 foot Nuthatch Pram. After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram and designing the 12ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit in my series of...
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  • 30' Ijssel Launch Plans

    30' Ijssel Launch Plans

    An American client wanted to produce a replica of the African Queen and saw our Ijssel launch as offering a craft of similar style - so we increased her length to 30' and beam to 8' (later we were asked to increase the beam still further to 10' and this...
    $41.00 - $405.00
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  • Assassin Plans PDF

    Assassin Plans PDF

    "ASSASSIN" — 16' Double ended launch, wood. Includes lines, table of offsets, scantlings, arrangements. THERE is an abandoned lighthouse on the northeast headland of Isle Royale where Rock Harbor thumbs it's nose to the sea. Standing lonely and...
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  • 23'6" Brambling Electric Canoe Plans

    23'6" Brambling Electric Canoe Plans

    A leisurely craft from the Edwardian and Victorian eras - days of elegance on the Thames with parasols and wine! we were commissioned to design such a canoe, to be powered by a Gebofa electric 1.6 hp sail drive unit and constructed using modern clinker...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • Water Scooter Plans PDF

    Water Scooter Plans PDF

    Specifications:Assembled: OAL = 8' OAW = 36" OAH = 16" Nested: OAL = 48" OAW = 36" OAH = 24"Total Weight about 50 PoundsCapacity = 250 pounds max. (Including motor & battery)Maximum motor size = 2-1/2 HPHull Speed = 4 mphAbove: sample pages...
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  • 26' Golden Bay Launch

    26' Golden Bay Launch

    This 26' version of the Golden Bay has the same fairly high and flaired bow sections designed to throw off spray which flow into aft sections which have tumblehome giving her a generous waterline beam for maximum stability. These drawings show her with a...
    $34.00 - $420.00
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  • 26' Skellig Wood Fishing/Workboat Plans

    26' Skellig Wood Fishing/Workboat Plans

    The Skellig 26 is a wood version of the Saltee Island. She has the same rugged hull design for use as a workboat/fishing boat for coastal and offshore use. She has a large cockpit and enclosed wheelhouse with space below for a simple wc and/or galley...
    $34.00 - $385.00
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  • Skellig 19 Plans

    Skellig 19 Plans

    The Skellig 19 is based on our Skellig 18 workboat/fishing boat. In this case the client wanted a slightly bigger boat made of steel to be used as a strong and rugged work/fishing boat in Irish waters. The hull plating is 3mm over 4x75mm frames...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • 16' Bourne Runabout Plans

    16' Bourne Runabout Plans

    The 16' Bourne runabout is partly based on the Egret but with a forward raking transom and a fair amount of tumblehome in the aft quarters. She uses the same ply skin over a slotted together ply framework but the tumblehome area is planked using diagonal...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 12-16' Strip Planked Motor Canoe Plans

    12-16' Strip Planked Motor Canoe Plans

    This is a strip planked version of our plywood motor canoes—because she is strip planked over computer generated moulds, the spacing between the moulds can be altered to give any length between 12’ and 16’. Apart from using an outboard motor...
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  • Brucesboat Plans PDF

    Brucesboat Plans PDF

    BRUCESBOAT, POWER SKIFF, 19' X 5', 250 POUNDS EMPTY Bruce was looking for a large powered canoe but couldn't find one for sale. He said they still make them by hand in Maine but he was in California and you couldn't expect to buy one anyway unless you...
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  • 18' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    18' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    I was asked to take the 15’ (4.58m) Outboard Motor Canoe design extend it to 18' and also add 2" (50mm) to the hull depth. This new design uses the same basic hull shape with it’s narrow flat bottom panel with 3 further panels added each side to form...
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  • Mini-Cat Plans PDF

    Mini-Cat Plans PDF

    The PortableBoatPlans "2012 Portable Boat Design Contest" is over for another year, and there were two winners (tied votes). The object of the contest was simple: Develop a concept for a small homemade boat that would appeal to many other amateur...
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  • Motor Canoe Plans PDF

    Motor Canoe Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 35 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download option...
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  • 25' Windsor Slipper Launch Plans

    25' Windsor Slipper Launch Plans

    For the Windsor slipper launch we have used the ply over frame method of construction using a modern framework of ply bulkheads and frames partly linked by fore and aft ply girders all set up to make sure that the builder starts with an accurate base...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • Power 2 Plans

    Power 2 Plans

    A 21' x 7' bigger sister to the Power 1 design using the same easy construction method and having a similar double chine construction with a flat bottom panel simplifying her building and producing an easy planing hull form. The hull, seats and cabin...
    $34.00 - $135.00
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  • 18' Electric Moto Craft Plans PDF

    18' Electric Moto Craft Plans PDF

    I decided to add this larger version of the Electric Moto Craft to my growing fleet of EMC hulls after a comment and request from one of my YouTube subscribers. He had been watching one of my how-to videos on building the 14ft version of the...
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  • 16' Felix Launch Plans

    16' Felix Launch Plans

    Our Felix 13’ was lengthened to 15’ and the beam increased to accommodate batteries for electric power and now this design has been lengthened a further 12” and the beam increased by 6” and the hull depth also increased so that she may...
    $34.00 - $243.00
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  • 16' Whooping Swan Plans

    16' Whooping Swan Plans

    The Whooping Swan is a development of the 16' Grey Swan pocket cruiser - a client asked me to alter the hull so that it would take an outboard with a wheelhouse - in doing this we have added buoyancy to the aft end and made the transom more vertical to...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 12' Nuthatch Pram Plans PDF

    12' Nuthatch Pram Plans PDF

    After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit in my series of stitch and glue boats. This is the finished design of the 12ft "fishing" version, and I have a 14ft version in the early...
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  • AF4 Plans - PDF

    AF4 Plans - PDF

    AF4 is a simple low powered cuddy cruiser intended for protected waters. Kilburn Adams of St. Louis brought a boat similar in spirit to AF4 to our Midwest Messabouts and it was easy to see what a good idea this is. Kiburn's boat was a modified Sturdee...
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  • Amaryllis 30 Plans

    Amaryllis 30 Plans

    The 30' Amaryllis was commissioned by Mr. William Fuller to replace his 22' steam launch. The new launch will be built by the International Boat Building College in Lowestoft using conventional planked methods. She uses a 25 hp steam unit by J. Alex...
    $41.00 - $574.00
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  • Fanny the Fantail Launch Plans

    Fanny the Fantail Launch Plans

    We were asked to design "Fanny" for the Boatman magazine and the construction of her hull was covered in issues 30 to 37. Since then several have been built both in plywood and in steel (by Peter Nicholls Steel Yachtbuilders). She was originally based...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • Aqua Sport Cruiser Plans PDF

    Aqua Sport Cruiser Plans PDF

    The AQUA SPORT CRUISER was specifically designed for 2 purposes. First, when nested, it had to fit in the trunk of most cars, and second, it had to be capable of accepting a smal outboard motor for power, anything under 2.5hp. It also had to be...
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  • Dani Jay Plans

    Dani Jay Plans

    Dani Jay is the chosen name of the project I called Bobsboat in last year's essays. The idea behind it was to have an easily driven seaworthy launch that would take a bunch of adults around in a laid back style. It was not to be a planing boat so big...
  • Robinson Crusoe Plans PDF

    Robinson Crusoe Plans PDF

    26' clinker built cruiser "ROBINSON CRUSOE" - 26' Cruiser, clinker built, wood. Includes outboard profile, lines, offsets, scantlings, arrangements, construction plans. 4 sheets.
    MSRP: $77.00
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  • AF4 GRANDE Plans PDF

    AF4 GRANDE Plans PDF

    Af4 Grande is a 20% scaleup of the original AF4. Scaling a design can be interesting. If the design is scaled up by a factor of1.2 as it was here then the areas of all the panels are increased by a factor of 1.2 squared (1.2 times 1.2) which is 1.44...
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  • Howth Head 22 Plans

    Howth Head 22 Plans

    The Howth Head is a plywood version of the steel Lambay Island design. Like the Lambay, she is a 22' motor boat with a large cockpit area and comfortable accommodation with 2 large berths, w.c. compartment and galley with dining space in the cockpit...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • 24'6" Snipe Runabout Plans

    24'6" Snipe Runabout Plans

    This was an interesting way to start a design. The client had a couple of Super Snipe engines kicking about and he wanted to sell them. What better way to do it and to get the greatest return for his money than to package them. The package that we chose...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • Toter2 Plans PDF

    Toter2 Plans PDF

      Click HERE for free Sponson Plans - Click HERE to learn more TOTER-2 Specifications: Length: 99 inches Max Width: 36 inches Width at chine: 28 inches Height: 13 inches Weight: 65 pounds Max load = 400 pounds Draft: 3" - paddle 4" -...
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  • 14' Nuthatch Pram Plans - Sailing Version PDF

    14' Nuthatch Pram Plans - Sailing Version PDF

    The 14ft Nuthatch Pram (sailing version) Thank you for choosing to build the 14 foot Nuthatch Pram. After designing and building the 8ft Nuthatch Pram and designing the 12ft Nuthatch Pram, I thought that a larger version of the hull would be a good fit...
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  • Zipper Plans

    Zipper Plans

    Free Zipper study plans HERE Full size templates for this boat are available HERE *Full size templates are in .pdf format. They need to be printed on a plan printing machine. Most cities have plan printing shops that can do this for you,...
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  • Elco 26 Full Plans PDF

    Elco 26 Full Plans PDF

    The smallest practical cruiser. For Elco 26 Study Plans click HERE "ELCO 26 PLANS" - Original 26' classic cruiser, wood. Original Elco design, redrawn by designer Tom Beard. 25' 11" LOA, Beam 8' 6", Draft 2' 3". Includes arrangements, lines, table of...
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  • Silver 55 Plans

    Silver 55 Plans

    The classical hull shape of the old wooden runabouts of the 70's go perfectly well with the use of marine plywood and this allows the SILVER to be constructed with a similar method to the stitch and glue one. The SILVER boats are not "instant boats" and...
    $16.00 - $145.00
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  • ECO 62 Houseboat Plans

    ECO 62 Houseboat Plans

    To have fun on the water a houseboat is a practical solution. The exist already in all possible shapes. Many more house as boat, others more boat as house. Here a bit an other approach. The ECO 62 is a catamaran houseboat. Compared to houseboats of...
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  • 15' Rascal Motor Dory/Skiff Plans

    15' Rascal Motor Dory/Skiff Plans

    This is a simple and very easily built motor dory for use with outboards up to around 50 hp in size. She can either be made by wrapping the pre-shaped sides around the frames, fastening on an external chine stringer and then putting the bottom ply on...
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  • 28' Corn Bunting

    28' Corn Bunting

    This 28' LOA launch is based on the 30' Amaryllis and has the same sweet wineglass transom and well rounded bow with firm bilges. She has been designed as an open launch with an aft cockpit with an athwartships steering wheel position right beside the...
    $41.00 - $608.00
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  • Unicat 2.4 Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4 Plans PDF

    Click HERE for Full Size Patterns (PDF file) for Unicat 2.4 The Unicat 2.4 is a multipurpose dinghy for use as a tender, fishing boat, or general messing about on the water. Stitch and tape construction provides a boat which is light, durable, low...
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  • Jonsboat Plans Instant Download

    Jonsboat Plans Instant Download

    Jonsboat is just a jonboat. But where I live that says a lot because most of the boats around here are jonboats and for a good reason. These things will float on dew if the motor is up. This one shows 640 pounds displacement with only 3" of draft. That...
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  • 15' 3" Reservoir Plans PDF

    15' 3" Reservoir Plans PDF

    This hull design will be the first of a series of power boats aimed at fishermen who want a bigger hull than the one's I've produced before. I also call them something without “lake” in the name. Most people are out boating and fishing on man...
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  • Power 2.2 Plans

    Power 2.2 Plans

    This craft is a widened and a more sophisticated version of our Power 2 design. The bottom panel has been slightly veed to give a softer ride and her depth has been increased. This along with her wider beam enables her to be fitted out with a more...
    $27.00 - $169.00
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  • 22' Rufus Motor Cruiser Plans

    22' Rufus Motor Cruiser Plans

    The standard 17' Rufus plans include the frame and panel shapes for both a 20' and a fantailed stern version but we have been getting many requests for a slightly longer version and so we jumped at the chance to draw up a completely new set of plans when...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • Easy One Plans PDF

    Easy One Plans PDF

    A Small but Robust Row, Motor or Sailing Pram. Similar in design to the "WEDGE", but with many modifications. The idea for the EASY ONE came from the readers who requested a simple yet useful small multi-purpose hull design. It includes an ample...
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  • Volare Plans (console version)

    Volare Plans (console version)

    Free Study Plans HERE Volare Console Version Volare comes in three versions. This is the console version, the tiller steered utility version is available as a separate set of plans. There is also a stepped version. They're all 15'4" long, 5' wide. They...
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