Racelite Tiller Extension Swivel

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Often you want a push-pull tiller extension so that you can steer the boat from up on the rail or even from the bench seat if the boat is particularly beamy. This simple swivel from Race-Lite will fill the bill. Two round head #8 or #10 screws mount it. An extension can be made from wood, fiberglass, or metal. Consider using one of our Rubber Pole Storage Clips or Nylon Fold-Down Paddle Clips to hold the loose end when you are not using the extension.

I'm sure there are other uses for this simple, stainles swivel.

(note: lower right swivel in the picture above does not show
the 1/4" clevis pin and retaining ring that is available with this item)



Just wanted to pass along a picture showing the installed Racelite Tiller Extension Swivel I got from you. It worked flawlessly on my Crooza sail yesterday to connect the tiller extension to the offset rudder, plus it is a much more positive attachment method than the original version of running a piece of line thru both pieces, rudder control is much more responsive.

You can see I rounded the end of the tiller extension so it can freely pivot or lift up when needed. It is secured with 10-24 machine screws and cap nuts. I was thinking about putting a quick release removable pin in the swivel but since my tiller is removable from the rudder, storage with the tiller and tiller extension still connected is not a problem, besides a quick release pin is more likely to get caught on something and come out than the pin that came with the swivel.

Thanks for the recommendation!
Curt Dennis

Dear Ducks,

I am in need to apologies to you for not coming thru with my end of the bargain we agreed to. You guys sent me a stainless steel tiller extension universal joint for free as long as I would write a review about it. I still have not written that review and wish to apologies for being so late in doing so.

With getting the boat built, sailing the Texas 200, a solo rowing trip down the Colorado River and solo sailing trip from Freeport to Port Arthur and then being transferred to southern California for business I have not had much chance to write the review.

What I do know is that I put the universal joint thru a 430 mile test run and it did great.

So what do you need from me?

John D Goodman

Sounds like you said everything, John, Thanks!

Chuck, I'm sending you a picture of my new tiller extension using your extension swivel.

The handle is a "Scotchbright tub and shower brush" the head attachment is a perfect fit for the swivel a 1" rod holder holds it in place under the tiller. Feel free to use the photo, might help sell a few :)
Allen Hamm

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