• 24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    The New Bedford Whalers were renowned for their ruggedness and sea-kindly manner. Typically they were 28' or 30' long. I was asked to draw up the lines for a shorter version for a film company and decided to use this design work as the basis of a full...
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  • 15' V Bottomed Ruddy Duck Punt Plans

    15' V Bottomed Ruddy Duck Punt Plans

    The Ruddy Duck has been based upon our simple flat bottomed Eider Duck Punt. We were asked to alter her for more serious rowing by a crew of 2 so we went for a double ended hull shape with a ‘V’ bottom and more rocker. The plans give details for...
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  • Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    Sinbad Nesting Dinghy Plans PDF

    A nesting dinghy for your yacht Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Principal dimensions:   L.O.A. 3.08 m (10' 1") Beam 1.43 m (4' 8") Sail area 5.20 m2 (56 sqft) ...
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  • "Fritz" a Tender

    "Fritz" a Tender

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Here is an easy to built small dinghy. 2 m (almost 8 feed) long with a weight of 18 kg ( 60lbs light). The boat served us well on our 11 year journey on our PELICAN catamaran. I could row it till wind...
  • Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was my first design to get built. Here is a photo of Chris Feller's up Chicago way. She is shown with the original 55 square foot rig. I still have the boat. The sail rig has been experimented with many times but the hull is identical today...
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  • Julie Skiff Free Plans

    Julie Skiff Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This boat has been designed by an amateur with no qualifications in boat design or boatbuilding and should be regarded as experimental until several have been built. The designer accepts no liability for...
  • Origami 8 Plans PDF

    Origami 8 Plans PDF

    Origami 8also see Origami 6   Folded: 8' (2.4m) Long - 18" (45cm) Wide - 4" (10cm) High.Assembled: 8' (2.4m) Long - 40" (100cm) Wide - 16" (40cm) High.Weight: From 20 kilos (42lbs)Carrying capacity: Three adults or 220kilos (490lbs)Max outboard...
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  • 11'6" Eider Duck Punt Plans

    11'6" Eider Duck Punt Plans

    The Eider is a simple plywood duck punt suitable for river and canal rowing and some quiet fishing. We have given her a small transom stern to allow more stowage space and so that she could take a small petrol or electric outboard if required. She is...
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  • Vamp Plans PDF

    Vamp Plans PDF

    After the success Frank Kahr had with Robote I designed a smaller version with most of the same features. The idea was to get a fast and seaworthy boat that would cartop so easily that you would want to leave it on the car top more or less all the...
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  • Rock Creek Drift Boat Plans PDF

    Rock Creek Drift Boat Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 40 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download option...
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  • Colibri Plans PDF

    Colibri Plans PDF

      This small dinghy can be used for fishing, pleasure rowing or as a tender for a bigger yacht. It can also be fitted with a small outboard motor. The boat has a relatively high freeboard and can take a fair amount of load. It handles...
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  • 19' Sailing Dory Plans PDF

    19' Sailing Dory Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of 4 large drawings. The instant download is a single PDF file which produces 4, 24" x 18" pages, These files can be taken to a Kinkos, Office Max or any commercial printer to have prints made as a modest cost. To save $25 and...
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  • Thalas 16 Plans

    Thalas 16 Plans

    The length of the American Whitehall of the 19th century was between 13' and 23'. The 16' was the most typical length and the boats were built for 2 or 3 rowers. As with the THALAS 13', also in this case the classical boat has been re-elaborated to make...
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  • Design #247 plans PDF

    Design #247 plans PDF

    Design #247 is a double version of Dawn Treader, #246. Joe Dobler's design #247Light Double - a rowing shell LOA=25' Beam=32"Plywood Taped Seam Construction
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  • 15'9" Drift Boat Plans

    15'9" Drift Boat Plans

    Drift boats are usually used in tricky rivers with fast running currents and rocky passages for fly fishing. The oarsman sits aft, facing forward and uses the oars to manoeuvre the boat round rocks whilst the boat is carried down river by the current...
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  • RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    RowCruiser (Angus Rowboats' Cruising Rowboat) Kit

    Overall Length 18'-8-1/2" Overall Beam 46" Weight 148 lbs. Volume 147.6 c.f. CRUISE AT YOUR OWN PACE! There's an exciting new class of high-performance rowing boat from the drawing board of small-craft adventurer Colin Angus: The RowCruiser. This...
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  • Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed and is light enough for one person to lift on and off the family car or yacht. Simple stitch and glue construction, it can be built with the minimum of tools, no previous boatbuilding experience and in...
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  • Waif 12' Lightweight Rowing/Sailing Skiff Plans

    Waif 12' Lightweight Rowing/Sailing Skiff Plans

    This 12' x 4' rowing/sailing skiff was designed for Mr. M. Goodger who wanted a light, seaworthy skiff which would row well and optionally take a modest 35-50 sq ft sail. The attractive 5-plank hull is therefore based on the Stornoway 9. The drawings...
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  • QT Skiff Plans PDF

    QT Skiff Plans PDF

    Flat iron skiffs are said to be easy to draw but very hard to get right. QT is my attempt at a flat iron skiff. The prototype was built by Paul Krayniak of Odessa, NY and a photo of his boat is presented below. The above photo is of Brad Boerger's QT.I...
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  • Bocar 8 Plans

    Bocar 8 Plans

    The Bocar 8 is born out of a wish to get even! A couple of years ago I was asked to design a 6' dinghy which would form the lid of a car roof box. I duly did this but received no Royalties - the product featured on two TV programs in the UK, died a...
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  • Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    It is axiomatic that the jack of all trades does nothing well. There are exceptions, however. The Vita Dinghy is one. A list of desirable attributes might include the following: easy construction with minimal skills, low cost, permanently tight, strong...
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  • Skylark 6' Plans

    Skylark 6' Plans

    Although only 6' long we have given her good internal volume with a beam of 3'8". This gives plenty of buoyancy in the ends of the boat so that she does not exhibit the usual tippiness of craft of this size. Her overall weight will be less than 50 lbs...
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  • LFH17 Plans PDF

    LFH17 Plans PDF

    Don't remember where I read this but 100 years ago rowing was all the rage, the sort of thing you did on for fun. They said its popularity dropped and died after the invention of the modern "safety" bicycle which replaced it for athletic recreation...
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  • Flattie Skiff Printed Plans

    Flattie Skiff Printed Plans

    Click HERE for digital download for these plans A small flat iron skiff for sail, oar or small outboard These plans consist of 60 pages of instructions, diagrams and photos. You have two options for purchase. You can order a printed version that is...
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  • 12' Granville Bay Plans PDF

    12' Granville Bay Plans PDF

    This hull was named after my best friend of 38 years. I had been working on the 12ft Padilla Bay skiff, and showed Nick the finished model. He liked the hull, but was more partial to the rounder bottoms of my boats like the Laura Bay and PUD-g designs. I...
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  • Moby Dink Plans PDF

    Moby Dink Plans PDF

    Moby Dink was one of my first projects. I built and used the prototype for a few years before selling it to a man who uses it to tend his farm pond. If I were to do this one again I wouldn't change the hull at all but would try the small lateen that I...
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  • River Runner Plans

    River Runner Plans

    This was a custom project for a man who wanted a Lowe Paddlejon boat but found they were quite rare, essentially a custom order. The idea of a boat like this is to float mild rivers with a guide in the stern directing with a paddle and a passenger or two...
  • Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    After many requests, I have designed the new Unicat 2.4 - S, A sailing version of the popular Unicat 2.4 dinghy. For Full Sized Patterns for Unicat 2.4S, Click HERE Designed to be simple, practical, and fast, the 2.4-S retains all the features of the...
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  • 10 Foot Norwegian Pram Plans PDF

    10 Foot Norwegian Pram Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE A sailing pram for double diagonal strip construction The 10 foot Norwegian Pram is a nicely expanded version of the compact 8 footer, and provides 35 square feet of sail instead of the 8 footer's 28 square feet...
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  • Batto Plans PDF

    Batto Plans PDF

    Batto is sort of a "retro" boat. Every now and then I go over another designer's older design and try to update it to the way I do boats. I always learn a bit. Batto is a close copy of the Pete Culler clipper bateau Otter which appears in John...
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  • Robin Free Plans

    Robin Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Designed by Dana MunkeltEdited by Joe MillardDrawings by Andrew Walters "Robin" is a small skin-on-frame (SOF) pram design with a twist; a solid plywood floor. This worked out well in a prototype at only...
  • Westray 9 Plans

    Westray 9 Plans

    Several years ago I was asked by PJS Boats to draw up a modified Highlander 16 dayboat with a real seagoing jaunty sheer and plenty of stability to take a powerful rig. The Westray 16 was born and later they asked me to design a smaller dinghy in...
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  • Crestwood Gig Plans PDF

    Crestwood Gig Plans PDF

    While the MARIETTA YAWL and the CRESTWOOD GIG are designed to appeal to secondary school students and disadvantaged youth, they should interest others. Neither sex nor age nor athletic prowess are limiting factors. Some of the handicapped have become...
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  • One Sheet Skiff Free Plans

    One Sheet Skiff Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This is a design of my own planning. It came about after I had built a couple of the One Man Dinghies which although a great design they were slow to build and I have come to dislike working with...
  • 14' Thames Skiff Plans

    14' Thames Skiff Plans

    This is a 14’ (4.27m) x 4’2” (1.27m) stitch and tape/clinker/ply Thames Skiff – similar to our Thames 12 skiff - for Mr. B. Lammerton - she retains the same “wineglass” type transom and construction is for stitch &...
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  • 15'1" Port Pegasus Plans

    15'1" Port Pegasus Plans

    The Port Pegasus is a clinker boat which may be used as a pure rowing boat or fitted with a small diesel (ie Farymann 7.5) as a small motor launch with classic appearance.   As a general purpose launch, she could be fitted out in a variety of...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Duet 3 Plans PDF

    Duet 3 Plans PDF

    DUET 3 Utility Boat - A two or three module transportable that has the capacity to hold a small family. With built-in safety buoyancy and generous freeboard, it can provide great family fun. Easy to build and assemble at the water, it fits in all trucks...
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  • River Rover Plans PDF

    River Rover Plans PDF

    RIVER ROVER - This is a new boat, specifically designed for shallow water use, and can be constructed in different lengths and widths. The size you need is dependent on load and the number of occupants desired. Much like a pirogue, the longer hull...
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  • St. Bronagh 18' Strip Planked Skiff Plans

    St. Bronagh 18' Strip Planked Skiff Plans

    Plans are now available here for the double ended St.Bronagh skiff designed for Tyrone Boats for coastal rowing - she has a low wetted surface area hull capable of excellent performance in offshore conditions with two crew and a cox. The plans are for...
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  • 19'6" Lark Dory

    19'6" Lark Dory

    19’6’’x 5’8’’x 11’’ (min.). May be built in two halves and bolted together as a fishing/motor dory or as a sailing dory with or without the cubby/cabin. Pre-shaped side hull panels are fastened to the...
    $27.00 - $263.00
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  • 9' 6" Laura Bay Plans PDF

    9' 6" Laura Bay Plans PDF

    Free Study Plans - click HERE Laura Bay Specifications Length: 9' 6"Beam: 52"Weight: 70 lbsMax Outboard: 3hpMaximum Load: 450 lbs The 9.5 Laura Bay came about from a phone conversation I had with a local yacht designer who was looking for a dingy...
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  • Loddon 20' Strip Planked or FRP Skiff Plans

    Loddon 20' Strip Planked or FRP Skiff Plans

    The Loddon 20 is round bilged and can be made using foam sandwich (FRP) and strip plank Cedar construction methods. The moulds, transom and inner stem shape. She is designed for 2 or 3 rowing plus a cox or 2 rowing plus cox and passenger. The hull shape...
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  • 14' Exe Dory Plans

    14' Exe Dory Plans

    Looking for an enjoyable way to exercise, and a pleasurable few weekends working with your hands? If so, then the 14ft. EXE DORY will certainly meet your requirements. Very simple in construction, using the stitch and tape method to produce a strong and...
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  • Ozarkian Plans PDF

    Ozarkian Plans PDF

    I do a "retro" design every now and then, an old design redone with modern techniques. Max Wawrzyniak sent me a wonderful copy of the article "Ozark John Boat" by Townsend Godsby, printed in the "Sports Afield Boatbuilding Annual" in 1956. I live on the...
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  • OarMouse Free Plans

    OarMouse Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE I think this boat could be quite something – a fast 14ft one-man rower that comes out of two sheets of ply. Designed for flat water, you'll notice that in order to reduce the fuss at the waterline...
  • Deben 400 Rowing Skiff Plans

    Deben 400 Rowing Skiff Plans

    The Deben 400 is a rowing skiff inspired by the Cornish Flashboats—they were 18’ or more in length and used around Fowey for river transport. This version is just under 13’ long and for single recreational rowing. She has a narrow flat bottom...
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  • Simplicity 8 Plans

    Simplicity 8 Plans

    This is a very simple but pretty single chine 'V' bottom dinghy designed for use as a tender, fishing boat, or with her simple lug rig, as a sail trainer for your children. Length is 7'9" (2.36m); Beam 4' (1.23m); Weight approx. 55 lbs (25 kg)...
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  • Fly Fisher Plans PDF

    Fly Fisher Plans PDF

    This is a simple yet unique hull design. As noted in the cover page, it is stand up stable, and therefore can be used by all fishermen, and women, to safely traverse ponds and lakes, without the fear of falling out of the boat. Constructed like most of...
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  • Light Dinghy Free Plans

    Light Dinghy Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE This is a small pram dinghy designed to be built by the same kind of method as my Light Trow - the lower chine and bottom are built using the age-old skiff method of bending sides around a central mould,...
  • Simple 8' Pram Plans PDF

    Simple 8' Pram Plans PDF

    The design of the SIMPLE 8' PRAM is in response to a request for a low cost, stable, portable boat. It includes a wide beam, good freeboard, generous volume, seating for two, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, quite portable, easy to...
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