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  • SEI Hardware and Rigging Kit

    SEI Hardware and Rigging Kit

    1 - Weekender Rudder Hardware Set (includes pins and rings) RL-WK 1 - 1/2" Stainless Pad Eyes SD-081102 2 - RL-317-S--2-1/4" Boom Bail RL-317-S 1 - 3/16" Twisted Shackles SD-147404 1 - 7/16" (11mm) Racelite Single Blocks RL-601-B 1 - 7/16" (11mm)...
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  • RSS OzGoose/OzRacer Sail

    RSS OzGoose/OzRacer Sail

    OZ Racer RSS Sail Specifications OzGoose/OzRacer Sail 89 square feet 2 reefs laced on foot but can be set loose footed 4 ounce cloth Really Simple Sails is a Philippine owned business that works closely with Michael Storer Boat Plans to produce...
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  • Portage Pram CNC Cut Plywood Kit Portage Pram CNC Cut Plywood Kit

    Portage Pram CNC Cut Plywood Kit

    LOA: 6'10" Beam: 44" Weight: ~35# This kit contains only the CNC-cut wooden parts. Epoxy and cloth, oarlocks and other parts sold spearately. Optional sail and running rigging also available as a separate kit. The 35-pound, 6' 10" Portage Pram is a...
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  • Portage Pram Sail

    Portage Pram Sail

    When we decided to design a sail for our Portage Pram we had several goals, including excellent performance and ease of use. To achieve the former we maximized sail area up high with a square top and full battens to support the shape of the sail built...
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  • Skate 15 CNC Cut Foam Panel Kit

    Skate 15 CNC Cut Foam Panel Kit

    Design by Brandon Davis (Turnpoint Design) with Josh Colvin (SCA/Duckworks) Length: 15' (4.6m)Beam: 8 feetDraft: 5.5"/ 4'Weight: 400 lbSail Area: 220 sq ft/ 357 sq ft with screacher on furler Click HERE to download a design brief for...
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  • Portage Pram Full Rig

    Portage Pram Full Rig

    Sail 2-piece mast 5 Via 10.50 blocks 1 Via 8.05 as part of downhaul 1 Via 8.10 as part of downhaul 1 SD-081101 pad eye 1 SD-147404 twist shackle 1 SD-151560 Snap Hook 7 feet of 4mm Excel for downhaul 28 feet of RaidBraid 1/4" for maiinsheet 6 feet of...
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  • S.C.A.M.P. Sail S.C.A.M.P. Sail

    S.C.A.M.P. Sail

    Main-1002ft sail with 3 rows of reef points, bag, logo & ties included100 sq ft lugsail made exclusively by Neil Pryde Sails for SCAMP. This class sail is made from 5.5 oz. Challenge Sailcloth in either a classic cream color or Tanbark. The sails...
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  • Goat Island Skiff Plans PDF

    Goat Island Skiff Plans PDF

    If you need printed plans, click HERE   Simple to BuildModern Performance - Sails rings around most "character boats"Light enough to handle on land by yourselfEasy to follow plans - step by step instructions. The Goat Island Skiff is my most...
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  • OZ Goose Plans PDF

    OZ Goose Plans PDF

    To purchase printed plans for OZ Goose, click HERE A kit for this boat is available from JO Woodworks. fast - 12 knots is easy and top measured speed is 13.8 knots on a tideless lake excellent carrying capacity - it sails very well in very light winds...
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