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Shark 10-5/8", 19 TPI Extra Fine Cut Saw

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$19.95 - $27.85


Shark 10-2410

An indispensable handsaw for fine woodworkers, furniture makers, boat repairs, crafts, and wooden model making, the Super FineCut Saw has the thinnest blade (kerf 0.017") of the SharkSaw line and is supported by a spine For stability. With its extremely small l7-tpi tooth set, this saw makes exceptionally smooth, line cuts in a variety of woods. It is especially good for cuts in extremely hard woods such as oak, ebony, and ironwood. ldeally suited for cutting fine molding and trim. The saw does such intricate work that cuts as thin as l /32" are possible! In addition, the cuts are ready for immediate gluing and rarely require sanding.

The blade of this high-performance saw is made from the Finest Japanese high-carbon spring steel. The sharp teeth are triple diamond-ground and electrically impulse-hardened for long-lasting sharpness and effortless, exceptionally clean cuts.

Here is some of the company boilerplate

The patented pistol grip handle with soft elastomer provides a secure grip and a comfortable cutting angle. This saw features a simple, twist-lock blade for quick and easy replacement.


Start your cut by pulling the saw towards you without downward pressure; let the weight of the saw do the cutting. Sharksaws® only require 20% of the effort of a traditional push saw. Use long, smooth strokes. Do not use heavy pressure in pushing the saw forward in the kerf. Your Sharksaw® will cut at any angle, even undercutting (From the bottom up]; just use long, smooth strokes.


Turn the red knob to loosen the blade. Hold blade at its shoulder and pull from the handle. Just reverse this action to replace and secure the new blade. CAUTION: Always place the tooth guard on the blade be-fore removing the blade.


Extremely sharp teeth. Use extra care in handling or replacing tooth guard. Wear eye protection as a general safety rule. Keep out of children's reach.

This is a serious pull saw. It was recommended by Tom Hruby who said:

I was wondering if you would be interested in adding more pullsaws to your inventory. I agree that the pull saw you sell is good and I have used it. However I have found a similar product that I consider more useful and less expensive.

This is the Pullsaw by Shark Saw. The have a wide range of teeth sizes from an 18in 12 point blade down to a 24 point blade that looks like the Japanese one. The 15 and 18 inch "general carpentry" blades will cut through a 2x4 or 4x4 in no time at all.

In general they are little thicker than the Japanese saws but I like them because they have a wide range of teeth sizes and will stand a lit of abuse.

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