Potter 15 Singlehander's Package

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This package (which is also suitable for many other small sloops if you adjust halyard lengths) allows the Potter 15 sailor to securely raise and lower all sails without leaving the safety of the cockpit. Want to drop jib without worrying about it catching wind and hoisting itself or blowing around? Just pull on the 3/16" halyard downhaul that goes through a swivel block at the stem fitting and back through two fairleads where it can be made fast.
Halyard lengths are extra long enabling them to be led back to cockpit and cleated at cabin top or bulkhead. Package includes halyards, downhaul line and swivel block to lead downhaul, Ronstan upright blocks to smoothly channel halyards to deck cheek blocks and back to cam cleats. Cam cleats also come with optional fairlead covers (one pictured).
Complete package (mounting hardware not included)
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