Polyester Solid Braid Line

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White, polyester solid braid line. A strong rope with low stretch, firm construction for good abrasion resistance, excellent resistant to UV, works extremely well in pulleys.

With 400 lbs. tensile strength, this line works well for lashings and outhauls on sails, rudder up and downhauls, etc.

Polyester rope stretches much less than Nylon and is preferred for halyards and outhauls - anything you want to stay put rather than stretch over time. It will not stretch when wet as Nylon will.

Solid Braid: A braided cover surrounding a core of the same material, producing a rope with a smooth even surface which holds it's shape under load and knots well.

Solid braid polyester rope. Durable rope offering high strength, less stretch than nylon and good resistance to abrasions and UV rays. Also resistant to rot, mildew and a variety of fluids and chemicals. Well-suited for marine and industrial applications.


  • Strong, low stretch and firm construction
  • High strength and low stretch
  • UV, abrasion, rot and mildew resistant
  • Works extremely well in pulleys
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