Nylon Double Braid Rope

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Nylon double braided rope. High strength with high energy absorbtion and elasticity. Meets or exceeds US Military specification MIL-DTL24050E. Specific gravity 1.14.

This is not New England Ropes brand line but it does not cost as much either. it is good double "yacht" braid - the stuff that stays flexible and is easy on the hands. It is hard to find it outside a chandlery or rigger's supply store.

Nylon is strong, abrasion resistant, and elastic. Use it for sheets, anchor lines, and docking lines. Nylon suffers minimal strength loss when exposed to sunlight.

NOTE: mostly white, may or may not have colored fleck

Double Braid: A braided cover surrounding a braided core, producing a rope designed for strength, durability, shape and easy handling. For use in running rigging and dock lines.

Lbs per 100' (2) Min Breaking Load in lbs. (3) Working Load Ratio (4)
1/4" 6 1.65 1,665 5-12 to 1
5/16" 8 2.8 2,610 5-12 to 1
3/8" 10 3.7 3,700 5-12 to 1


  1. Diameter is approximate and is actually determined by linear density. (Pounds per 100')
  2. Linear Density is considered average weight per 100'. Tolerances: 3/16" - 5/16" diameters inclusive +plus or -minus 10%; 3/8" - 9/16" inclusive +plus or -minus 18%; and 5/8" and up +plus or -minus 5%.
  3. New rope Minimum Breaking Strength is based on data from a number of manufacturers and represents a value of 2 standard deviations below the mean, established by regression analysis.
  4. For critical applications where life or limb of Dynamic Loading is present, use the higher ration division. Example: 10 000 pounds 12 = 833 pounds working load ratio
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