Paul Fisher

  • Felix 13' Strip Planked Launch Plans

    Felix 13' Strip Planked Launch Plans

    For Felix 15 Supplement Click HERE This is one of those commissions that every designer loves to work on occasionally - a step back in to pure nostalgia. But having said that, our researches before designing this vessel showed just how expert early...
    $34.00 - $169.00
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  • 20' Freight

    20' Freight

    This canoe has been designed for a client who wanted a canoe which would take a crew of 8 or so adolescents. She is designed to be built and transported in two halves (although she can be built in one piece) and bolted together at the waters edge...
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  • Guide 18 Plans

    Guide 18 Plans

    The Guide 18 is a large open canoe for carrying a crew of up to 5 people and/or gear safely over long distances. She has a well rounded hull shape and uses 5 planks per side. The hull has tumblehome putting the greatest beam down at the waterline...
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  • Drake 13' Sharpie Plans

    Drake 13' Sharpie Plans

    The DRAKE 13 fits snuggly between the 11 and 18 footers and offers a lighweight and roomy dinghy/dayboat for family sailing. She can be built with or without the centreboard and rig to offer a simple rowing boat that can be used as a utility tender for...
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  • Cat 25 Plans

    Cat 25 Plans

    The CAT 25 was designed to fit the Micro Multihull racing class as it was originally conceived. A set of plans is available to upgrade the standard design to fit the existing rules. Construction is similar to that of the CAT 19. Both boats incorporate...
    $34.00 - $297.00
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  • 14'6" Esk Sea Kayak Plans

    14'6" Esk Sea Kayak Plans

    The 14’ 6” Esk is a development of our Dart design. We have swept the bow up and flared out the forward sections to help her in choppy waters—aft, we have given her a knife edge to the rear sections to give her good directional stability. She has...
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  • Frigate's Boat Plans

    Frigate's Boat Plans

    A 23’3” Ship’s Boat for Mr. Ian Bloomfield - this is a strip planked version of a 17th/18th Century Frigate’s Boat - she is modelled on the bluff bowed craft used for general work in the Fleet and will have a carronade with it's...
    $27.00 - $371.00
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  • 18'x33" Simple Estate Punt

    18'x33" Simple Estate Punt

    A simple ply over frame punt for general estate duties as well as river poling – not as shapely as our Cambridge punts but simple and efficient—the plans show aft storage but she could be fitted out in many different ways and could have a small...
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  • 20' Cambrian Strip Planked Launch

    20' Cambrian Strip Planked Launch

    This is a fairly narrow launch (4'7" beam) for light weight fit-out. Her hull has hard bilges giving maximum stability for her beam making her a fine river or lake launch. At 1’9” (0.52m), the draft has been kept to a minimum to make trailing easy...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • 13'4" Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Plans

    13'4" Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Plans

    The 13'4" Melonseed skiff follows the same lineage as her 16' sister (below) and in fact, you will probably find more of this length than the longer boat around the shores of New Jersey. This shorter example has a pierced toe rail which was...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • Martlet 30 Gaff Cutter Plans

    Martlet 30 Gaff Cutter Plans

    This is a design commissioned by someone who built one of our clinker ply Kane Suffolk Beach Punts and who wanted a safe, comfortable deep water cruising yacht which could also find it's way up relatively shallow creeks. For her length, she is to my...
    $34.00 - $608.00
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  • Simplicity 8 Classic Plans

    Simplicity 8 Classic Plans

    The Simplicity 8 Classic is modified version of the original Simplicity 8 which was designed for simple stitch and tape construction. In this case, the drawings for the Classic version show details for her to be built using the ply over frame method. A...
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  • Avon 22 Plans

    Avon 22 Plans

    A 22' x 6' multi-role cruiser from pre-shaped ply panels. May be made with water ballast tank and with either a single or double masted unstayed sprit boom rig. Two people may sleep in the cabin and two under a cockpit tent. A pretty boat using...
    $34.00 - $115.00
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  • 12'4" Petite Brise Plans

    12'4" Petite Brise Plans

    We have 4 or 5 Swampscotts (plus several other Dories of different type) with their rockered bottom panel and rounded topsides. The Petite Brise 12'4" Dory Skiff was designed to be used as the new tender for the famous Jolie Brise French Pilot...
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  • 35' Dragon Racing Canoe Plans

    35' Dragon Racing Canoe Plans

    This is a 7 or 8 man racing canoe (plus steersman) for stitch and tape plywood construction using mainly 12mm plywood. She can be made in boltable sections and therefore shortened/lengthened amidships to vary the number crewing her.. She has been...
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  • Highlander 10' Plans

    Highlander 10' Plans

    The 10' Highlander uses 3 sheets of 6mm (1/4") ply and is considerably larger than it's smaller sister and is ideal for use as a general purpose tender or fishing boat. Her lug rig makes her ideal for teaching children to sail and her topsides are high...
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  • Kari 2 Faering Plans

    Kari 2 Faering Plans

    We were asked to develop the plank shapes for a replica of a 4 oared Faering from some lines that had been taken off the boat some while back. The client was the husband of the Great Granddaughter of the owner who had the original built in 1892 for the...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Stornoway 14 Plans

    Stornoway 14 Plans

    At last we have added a 14' version of our Stornoway design to our range of Dinghies & Dayboats - she has been much requested and we have taken the opportunity to base her construction on the highly successful Kingfisher design with its continuous...
    $27.00 - $113.00
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  • Stour 23 Plans

    Stour 23 Plans

    The Stour 23 has a simple 'V' bottomed hull form giving an easily driven shape that is also faster to build. Construction starts with a simple arrangement of plywood frames and bulkheads slotted together on a plywood central girder. Chine stringers are...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • Morning Tide 14 Plans

    Morning Tide 14 Plans

    The Morning Tide 14 is a modern stitch and tape version of the old heavy displacement pocket cruisers that were popular in the 30’s and 40’s. By using modern construction techniques (using pre shaped ply hull panels, frames and transom) we...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 17'9" Indian Runner Strip Planked Launch Plans

    17'9" Indian Runner Strip Planked Launch Plans

    Indian Runner is one of several steam launches that we are designing which are based upon the Amaryllis 22 hull form. This is characterised by having a long waterline length, wine glass shaped transom stern lifted well clear of the waterline and with...
    $34.00 - $311.00
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  • 18'7" Snipa Sprit Sailing Fishing Boat

    18'7" Snipa Sprit Sailing Fishing Boat

    Snipa's (pronounced Sneepa) are traditional clinker Nordic Fishing boats with a reputation for excellent sea keeping qualities and stability. Construction is fairly traditional but uses ply for the clinker planking over laminated frames. Below the...
    $27.00 - $304.00
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  • Micro18 Plans

    Micro18 Plans

    This project presents the amateur builder with little more difficulty than building an Enterprise dinghy. She is of multi-chine configuration with pre-shaped bottom, hog and bulkheads for quick construction. The latest low waterline beam/planing design...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • Rose 15'3" V Bottomed Plywood Launch Plans

    Rose 15'3" V Bottomed Plywood Launch Plans

    For those wanting an elegant traditional looking launch to go with their steam plant but which is relatively quick to build. Rose has a ‘V’ bottomed plywood hull which uses stitch and epoxy methods. Her construction can be light weight using...
    $34.00 - $169.00
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  • 17' Thames Rowing Skiff

    17' Thames Rowing Skiff

    I have often been asked to stretch the basic Thames 12 design—using the same beam—to a skiff capable of having 2 rowing positions—we now have this in the 17’ Thames Skiff which has the same attractive 5 planks per side hull shape and using the...
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  • 14' Cree Strip Planked Kayak Plans

    14' Cree Strip Planked Kayak Plans

    The Cree 14 is essentially a strip planked version of the Esk 14. The mould shapes are given full-size and details are given for a simple building jig. 6mm thick Western red Cedar is used for the strip planking although other woods may be used.Normally...
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  • 18' Exe Dory

    18' Exe Dory

    The 18' Exe Dory uses three sheets of 3/8’’ ply and two sheets of 1/2’’ ply in it’s construction. It is built on a simple framework which becomes an integral part of the boat’s structure. Beam is 4’5 1/2’’ across the gunwales and...
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  • Woodland 15 Open Sailing Canoe Plans

    Woodland 15 Open Sailing Canoe Plans

    This is a clinker/ply open canoe with graceful lines. We have given the hull shape a fairly fine entry so that she glides on the water and also a good waterline beam to allow her to carry a substantial rig for open canoe racing. She has 5 planks per...
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  • Skylark 9' Plans

    Skylark 9' Plans

    We have designed the Skylark 9 for a Tasmanian client who needed a dinghy which was not so big that he could not handle it in and out of the water by himself and which could handle a short, steep chop and blowy conditions safely. The dinghy also had...
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  • Skye 21' Plans

    Skye 21' Plans

    Here is a smart little yacht combining 2 modern building techniques to make construction as quick and simple as possible. First of all, the pre-shaped ply bottom panel and longitudinal girders are put together with frames and bulkheads. To make things...
    $34.00 - $223.00
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  • 50' Cape May Schooner Plans

    50' Cape May Schooner Plans

    This is a strip planked long range cruising yacht with comfortable accommodation for up to 9 crew. Apart from the open plan living space there are 2 separate cabins. She has a large aft cockpit with plenty of lounging space and space below is...
    $95.00 - $1,148.00
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  • 50'/60' Pintail Motor Yachts Plans

    50'/60' Pintail Motor Yachts Plans

    We have construction details for the hulls only of two 1930's style motor yachts. The first, shown above has a LOD of 60' (18.3m), beam of 13'11" (4.24m), draft of 3'8" (1.10m) and displacement of 30 tons (30.4 tonnes) and uses a simple form of ply...
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  • 23' Golden Bay Steam Launch Plans

    23' Golden Bay Steam Launch Plans

    This launch was designed for easy trailing so a length of 23' with a moderate beam of just under 6' were set. In line with the Simson Strickland style of launch, the stem and transom are fairly plumb with a deep forefoot giving hollow lines forward and...
    $34.00 - $405.00
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  • 19'6" White Swan Plans

    19'6" White Swan Plans

    After many requests from clients, the 16’ Grey Swan has been stretched in this new version to 19’6’’, The beam has not been increased too much to enhance sailing performance and the additional 3’6’’ in...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • 12'x30" Adirondack Guide Canoe Plans

    12'x30" Adirondack Guide Canoe Plans

    I have often admired the Adirondack style of Guide Boat with their swept back ends, gorgeous sheer line—often higher forward than aft and pinched entry and exit to their waterline—they came in several different sizes and styles—some with small...
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  • Highlander 14 - Rowing Version Plans

    Highlander 14 - Rowing Version Plans

    The Highlander 14' has comfortable sitting room for up to 8 people and with it's two athwartship rowing benches is an easily handled and stable pulling boat. With her loose footed lug rig she makes the ideal sailing craft for family sailing, club use...
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  • 25' 5" Shanghai Plans

    25' 5" Shanghai Plans

    This yacht was designed a modern interpretation of the junk type for music arranger and composer Mike Hale. She had to be a safe and comfortable cruising yacht with cross channel capability as well as the ability to venture into shallow waters. The...
    $34.00 - $574.00
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  • 7'9" Ariel Plans

    7'9" Ariel Plans

    The Ariel pram dinghy was originally designed for Joseph Thompson & Co. Ltd., for them to produce in kit form to promote their Cedar Speed Strip product. Speed Strip is still available from them but they are no longer producing the kits and the plans,...
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  • 15' Northumbrian Coble Plans

    15' Northumbrian Coble Plans

    At long last here is a larger addition to our Northumbrian Coble range—at 15’ LOD, she is a big handsome dayboat with space to accommodate the family plus camping gear and stores. The drawings give details for an outboard well and copious...
    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • Stornoway 12 Plans

    Stornoway 12 Plans

    Second in what will become a classic range of craft is the Stornoway 12. She has 6 planks per side giving her a lovely round hull. The standard drawings give the plank shapes for stitch and epoxy construction but as with all our designs, we can...
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  • 15' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    15' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    This 15' (4.58m) design is an extended version of our 12'6" Outboard Motor Canoe and uses the same basic hull shape with it's narrow flat bottom panel with 3 further panels added each side to form an attractive but stable and easily built shape. 3 seats...
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  • Skylark 14

    Skylark 14

    The Skylark 14 is another example of a modified set of standard plans. Mr. Rodrigez of Portugal asked for a longer version of our Skylark 12 and we were quickly able to stretch the original on our CAD system. The new panel shapes were developed very...
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  • 38'6' Linnet River Launch Plans

    38'6' Linnet River Launch Plans

    This was a commission for David Graham Boatbuilders at Wargrave on the Thames for an electric river launch. The hull is based upon our Edwardian series with a graceful counter stern but instead of the clipper bow, a vertical stem was called for. She...
    $41.00 - $608.00
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  • Skylark 8' Plans

    Skylark 8' Plans

    The hull shape of the Skylark 8 gives plenty of room right forward making her a good load carrier as well as very stable. We have had our whole family (2 adults and 3 young children) in her for pic-nics along the canal. She has a length of 7'11" and a...
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  • 34' 6" Pinky Gaff Ketch Plans

    34' 6" Pinky Gaff Ketch Plans

    Based upon the Pinky fishing boats of Maine and Nova Scotia this neat craft, instead of carrying the traditional cargo of sardines has been laid out with a roomy accommodation for 4 or 5 people in 2 separate compartments. Her double ended hull and deep...
    $70.00 - $743.00
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  • 19' Sapphire Single Chine Launch

    19' Sapphire Single Chine Launch

    Sapphire is a simple 'V' bottom single chine plywood design and will suit the steam enthusiast who wants a good sized launch which does not take too long to build but which looks very elegant. Construction uses a simple ply framework which is set up...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 19' Greenland Kayak Plans

    19' Greenland Kayak Plans

    The Greenland 19 has a simple V bottomed single chine stitch and tape plywood hull designed to ride out rough water with ease and to have a good turn of speed. She has an optional daggerboard box to help in directional stability. The deck is strip...
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  • 15'8" Seafox Plans

    15'8" Seafox Plans

    The Seafox is a development of our Seawolf design using 4 planks per side rather than 2 giving a well rounded and very attractive hull shape. she has storage and buoyancy areas fore and aft and a 3' long cockpit opening. Construction uses 3 sheets of...
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  • 22' Hawke Bay Skiff Plans

    22' Hawke Bay Skiff Plans

    The Hawke Bay is a large single rowing skiff designed for a New Zealand client who wanted to go on rowing expeditions around the coasts of North & South Islands. She has been given plenty of freeboard and buoyancy to cater with the sharp chop...
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