Paul Fisher

  • 15'4" Fly Fishing  Coble Plans

    15'4" Fly Fishing Coble Plans

    This design has been based upon our Northumbrian Coble designs - the client wanted a very stable seaworthy design mainly for outboard power but which could also be rowed and take a sail plan. Basic construction is for stitch and tape but the moulds/jig...
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  • Lambay Island 22 Plans

    Lambay Island 22 Plans

    This is a 22' motor boat with a large cockpit area and comfortable accommodation with 2 large berths, w.c. compartment and galley with dining space. The drawings are originally for steel construction but she could be made out of plywood over a simple...
    $34.00 - $304.00
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  • 41' Humber Steel Motor Barge Plans

    41' Humber Steel Motor Barge Plans

    This is a steel multi-chine motor barge for use in the waters of the UK and Europe, crossing the Channel and exploring the rivers and canals of the European mainland. She has a section of parallel middle-body which means that she can be stretched. She...
    $47.00 - $608.00
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  • Ptarmigan 17' Plans

    Ptarmigan 17' Plans

    The 6’ beam version of the Ptarmigan 15 is quite popular and now we have extended the whole design to 17’x6’11’’. Although only 2’ longer than her sister, the Ptarmigan 17 has quite a bit more volume for...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • North Pacific 60 Plans

    North Pacific 60 Plans

    The North Pacific 60 is a long range comfortable cruising yacht. Designed originally for a client in Hong Kong for use in the Philippines she has a wide beam and relatively shoal draft with a centreboard to enable her to get into anchorages...
    $101.00 - $2,025.00
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  • 12' Taw Plans

    12' Taw Plans

    The 12'Taw is a simple 'V' bottomed plywood runabout for two people. Construction starts with the plywood frames/bulkheads being slotted onto a plywood central girder and the transom fitted. Bottom stringers are added to stiffen the bottom area...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • 15' Trican Motor Canoe Plans

    15' Trican Motor Canoe Plans

    The client who asked for this design, Jim Ferguson (who has sadly now passed on), wanted a design that could be used in a number of ways - a true multi-role craft for use in Australian waters. The main hull can be used by itself as a simple motor canoe...
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  • Ceecan 19 Plans

    Ceecan 19 Plans

    CEECAN is a simple river cruiser for outboard power. Her hull may be stretched or shortened to suit and her superstructure and deck layout changed to you own requirements. The drawings give details for the hull and superstructure construction. She may...
    $27.00 - $135.00
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  • Baby Wren Plans

    Baby Wren Plans

    The Baby Wren canoe was designed for Tyrone Boats and is a smaller single seat version of our 15’10’’ Wren Canadian canoe. She has a similar hull shape with a flat (but rockered) bottom hull panel and two chines per side. This makes her...
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  • Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht Plans

    Rathlin 20 Motor Yacht Plans

    For Motor Sailer Supplement Click HERE Our Rathlin design is not the type of motor yacht that you would normally see these days as a new ‘‘modern’’ design. Most new craft of the motor type to come off the drawing board now,...
    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • Heron 14 Plans

    Heron 14 Plans

    This is a slightly smaller and more simple single chine version of the Grey Swan. The design is very adaptable and bulkhead positions, the rig and the keel configuration may be altered to suit your own individual requirements. All the panel shapes...
    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • 49' Red Grouse Plans

    49' Red Grouse Plans

    This was originally a design contract for the detailed refit drawings for a canoe sterned wood hull which had been totally stripped of it's original accommodation, decking, rig etc. We drew up a new design which has sleeping accommodation for 8 in...
    $95.00 - $1,148.00
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  • 24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    The New Bedford Whalers were renowned for their ruggedness and sea-kindly manner. Typically they were 28' or 30' long. I was asked to draw up the lines for a shorter version for a film company and decided to use this design work as the basis of a full...
    $27.00 - $236.00
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  • 15' V Bottomed Ruddy Duck Punt Plans

    15' V Bottomed Ruddy Duck Punt Plans

    The Ruddy Duck has been based upon our simple flat bottomed Eider Duck Punt. We were asked to alter her for more serious rowing by a crew of 2 so we went for a double ended hull shape with a ‘V’ bottom and more rocker. The plans give details for...
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  • Harrier 13' Motor Dory Plans

    Harrier 13' Motor Dory Plans

    The Harrier is a simple single chined 'V' bottomed stitch and tape ply dory for outboard power. She has been designed to give as much carrying capacity as possible in a 13' car-toppable boat making her suitable for fishing and picnicking as well as for...
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  • Today 11 Plans

    Today 11 Plans

    This useful dinghy was commissioned from us by the magazine SAILING TODAY and features as a series of articles on her construction in the Feb, March and April 1999 issues. the magazine wanted a simple but attractive plywood craft to be built using...
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  • 12'/16' Ranger Plans

    12'/16' Ranger Plans

    The Ranger is a simple multi-purpose canoe design for first time or young builders who want a quick, simple and low cost boat to get them onto inland waterways. Although a single chine design she still has graceful lines and she can be built both in 12'...
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  • 19'6" Pocket Cruiser Plans

    19'6" Pocket Cruiser Plans

    This little ship, with it’s shallow draft, is ideal for exploring estuaries as well as for coastal cruising with a young family. Having bilge keels means that she will dry out level making her easily berthed in a creek. LOD (Length over deck)...
    $34.00 - $465.00
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  • 11'6" Eider Duck Punt Plans

    11'6" Eider Duck Punt Plans

    The Eider is a simple plywood duck punt suitable for river and canal rowing and some quiet fishing. We have given her a small transom stern to allow more stowage space and so that she could take a small petrol or electric outboard if required. She is...
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  • 12'6" Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    12'6" Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    This canoe is an adaptation of our Waterman 16 Mk2 open canoe requested by a client who wanted a lightweight craft which he could easily car top and which would safely take a small outboard motor to use for fishing and camping. Her beam has been widened...
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  • 20' Strip Planked Kite Plans

    20' Strip Planked Kite Plans

    The Kite was conceived as a fast and seaworthy dayboat capable of taking a family comfortably on extended coastal camping treks or to provide them with some exciting day-sailing in estuary waters. In designing the hull, we have kept in mind a multi-role...
    $27.00 - $297.00
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  • 25'1" Kari 4 Sailing Cruiser Plans

    25'1" Kari 4 Sailing Cruiser Plans

    The Kari 4 follows in the tradition of her smaller sisters in having a hull with 4 planks per side. Her construction starts with the assembly of a plywood framework consisting of a ply fore and aft girder incorporating the centreboard case etc slotted...
    $34.00 - $574.00
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  • 50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

    50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

    A 50/50 canoe is a boat which has been designed and built with the intention that it should be as easily and efficiently powered by sail as it is by paddle (in this case a double paddle). This means that the rig needs to be both efficient and easy to...
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  • Highlander 14 - Sailing Version Plans

    Highlander 14 - Sailing Version Plans

    The Highlander 14' has comfortable sitting room for up to 8 people and with it's two athwartship rowing benches is an easily handled and stable pulling boat. With her loose footed lug rig she makes the ideal sailing craft for family sailing, club use...
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  • 6' Baby Kate Open Canoe Plans

    6' Baby Kate Open Canoe Plans

    The Baby Kate is a mini development of our Kate series of open canoes - it is meant as a toy and not serious use with a child and can be built from a single sheet of 3 or 4mm plywood. 6' Baby Kate...
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  • Nordia 10 Plans

    Nordia 10 Plans

    This design is for a Norwegian who's brief was for a fast offshore and ocean cruising yacht which would incorporate an ample aft cockpit as well as a comfortable inside steering position with bunks for 5 to 7 people. The client is presently building the...
    $34.00 - $608.00
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  • Skylark 16 Motor Version Plans

    Skylark 16 Motor Version Plans

    This version of the Skylark class of pram dinghies was at the request of a client who wanted a comfortable river boat with the simplicity of construction of the smaller Skylark stitch and tape dinghies and with the large size that a pram shape of this...
    $27.00 - $95.00
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  • 20' Seajay Plans

    20' Seajay Plans

    This is a larger version of the Beaver design incorporating the same simple compound hull construction with a ‘U’ shaped mid section and a gentle ‘V’ section at either end. The drawings show an optional double masted rig for easy sailing and...
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  • 16' Islay Skiff Plans

    16' Islay Skiff Plans

    The Islay is a recent development of our Iona design for a client who required a graceful boat with more beam and a little more sheer. He also wanted a traditional cutter rig with a jaunty looking bowsprit. Construction can either be by the strip...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • 21' Solway Whaler Plans

    21' Solway Whaler Plans

    A lightweight rowing whaler for easy construction. The hull has 4 panels per side plus a narrow flat bottom panel and the hull is symetrical about amidships to make construction even easier.The hull can be made in 2 halves and bolted together in the...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • 15'9" Drift Boat Plans

    15'9" Drift Boat Plans

    Drift boats are usually used in tricky rivers with fast running currents and rocky passages for fly fishing. The oarsman sits aft, facing forward and uses the oars to manoeuvre the boat round rocks whilst the boat is carried down river by the current...
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  • Safe Harbor 12 Strip Planked Daysailer Plans

    Safe Harbor 12 Strip Planked Daysailer Plans

    Based on the Dark Harbor 12 designed by B.B. Crowninshield in the early part of the 20th Century, this design has an updated underwater shape and construction method.   She is very much a mini J class. With a 12' waterline and overall length of over...
    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • 10' & 15'9" Chris Plans

    10' & 15'9" Chris Plans

    A model maker working for the advertising industry phoned me up and asked me to design a 10'x3' (3.05m x 0.92m) open canoe for the Labetts Lager advert! Apparently Malcolm the Mountie is to appear in front of the canoe in the advert and anything longer...
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  • 11' South Coast Scow Plans

    11' South Coast Scow Plans

    The clinker scow is a very popular little dinghy on the South Coast of England. Many are raced regularly by enthusiasts and many a big boat sailor learnt their seamanship on boats such as these. We were asked to draw up this example to replace a...
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  • Tracker 18 Plans

    Tracker 18 Plans

    This craft which is based upon the Highlander 18, has been developed for a client in Australia specifically for trailing across rough terrain in order to explore out of the way creeks and rivers which would otherwise be difficult to get to. She has room...
    $27.00 - $101.00
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  • Highlander 9' Plans

    Highlander 9' Plans

    Because most of our designs have their offsets and panel shapes stored on the computer, altering a particular design to suit a clients individual requirements of length, beam and draft, can be undertaken easily and quickly. The Highlander 9' is a good...
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  • 18'6" Silent Explorer

    18'6" Silent Explorer

    For moving silently up remote quiet creeks and rivers to picnic amongst the Willows and enjoy country side not seen by many, we have designed this attractive electric canoe. Construction uses the strip plank process using computer faired mould shapes...
    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • 24' Mayfly Sharpie Plans

    24' Mayfly Sharpie Plans

    A neat little ply sharpie of simple and cheap construction with 4 berths (and room in the cockpit for more) for exploring estuaries and gunkholing. With it's simple unstayed rig, it is ideal for the small family. Uses disposable sand or gravel ballast...
    $34.00 - $236.00
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  • 9'6" Little Harrier Motor Dory Plans

    9'6" Little Harrier Motor Dory Plans

    This is a smaller sister to the 13’ Harrier—she has the same simple ‘V’ bottomed hull shape which has plenty of stability and room in such a short length for fishing and pic-nicking. Under the seats can be used for flotation and/or stowage and...
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  • 16' Dutch Punter Plans

    16' Dutch Punter Plans

    The traditional Punter is a small Dutch work boat with a simple single chine and flat bottomed hull and an upper strake which is shaped to give tumblehome. Her sprit rig is very practical allowing the sail to be brailed up against the mast when not in...
    $27.00 - $371.00
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  • Edwardian 19' Strip Planked Launch Plans

    Edwardian 19' Strip Planked Launch Plans

    Smaller sister to the Edwardian 26, the hull of this version has also been based upon the Lifu launch. Her lines have, however, been further deepened so that she can also take the weight of batteries for electric propulsion. A 1.4 hp 48 volt motor may...
    $34.00 - $371.00
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  • Waif 12' Lightweight Rowing/Sailing Skiff Plans

    Waif 12' Lightweight Rowing/Sailing Skiff Plans

    This 12' x 4' rowing/sailing skiff was designed for Mr. M. Goodger who wanted a light, seaworthy skiff which would row well and optionally take a modest 35-50 sq ft sail. The attractive 5-plank hull is therefore based on the Stornoway 9. The drawings...
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  • 16' Cape Cod Semi Dory Plans

    16' Cape Cod Semi Dory Plans

    The Cape Cod is a motor dory based upon the Swampscott model with it's flat but rockered bottom panel and 4 planks per side. Unlike the sailing Swampscott, the bottom is kept fairly wide aft so that she can take a reasonable size of outboard (up to 35...
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  • 30' Siskin Plans

    30' Siskin Plans

    With the number of hulls modeled on our YachtCAD system, this launch demonstrates our ability to quickly design a craft which embodies features from a number of other craft in order to meet the rquirements specified by a particular client and to easily...
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  • Skylark 12' Plans

    Skylark 12' Plans

    The Skylark 12 is capable of having a small cuddy fitted forward for protection and shelter or simple dry storage of gear. Side benches can be fitted with storage or buoyancy under and the whole boat is big enough to be fitted out to your own...
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  • Hinton 15M Plywood Barge Plans

    Hinton 15M Plywood Barge Plans

    This is a simple barge with flat bottom single chine shape and a "swim" shaped stern (under the waterline similar to narrow boats). The bow would be vertically staved plywood in 2 or 3 overlapping layers. Construction details are available for the hull...
    $34.00 - $149.00
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  • Dart 14 Plans

    Dart 14 Plans

    The sporty 14’ single kayak (now in it’s mark 2 version) has a beam of 24’’ and a ‘V’ bottomed soft chine shape giving plenty of stability with a very good tracking and low wetted surface area hull. Construction uses just 2 1/2 sheets of...
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  • Bocar 8 Plans

    Bocar 8 Plans

    The Bocar 8 is born out of a wish to get even! A couple of years ago I was asked to design a 6' dinghy which would form the lid of a car roof box. I duly did this but received no Royalties - the product featured on two TV programs in the UK, died a...
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  • 12' Baby Raven Plans

    12' Baby Raven Plans

    The Baby Raven is a smaller version of the Raven canoe and has a similar midship shape with tumblehome—this puts the maximum beam down at the waterline maximizing stability whilst at the same time making it easier to paddle. She has 3 chines per side...
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