Clamcleat Trapeze & Vang Cleats

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This Aluminum cleat has an in-built pulley that offers a compact solution for rigging with a 1:1 or 2:1 advantage, where a quick, positive lock, that is easy to release is required. The Sailor's preferred choice for adjusting trapeze lines, for light boom vangs, or outhauls.

For the 2:1 advantage, use with one of our stainless blocks - our RL-201 would be a good choice.

Mainsail foot tension is adjusted using a CL253
on the outboard end of the boom.

Using a CL253 cleat is a quick, easy and secure way to apply tension to the forestay, rig a downhaul or make a boom vang.

The photo above shows how we rigged a 2:1 cleated tackle with the
SD-002530, our RL-201, and a bit of 1/4" line.

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