Carbon Fiber Ferrules for Greenland Paddles

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Greenland style paddles have become popular among kayakers. Not only do these beautiful paddles have a long tradition, but they have definite performance advantages as well.

Like any kayak double paddle, there are distinct advantages to adding ferrules so that Greenland paddles can be broken down - including transporting and stowing a spare paddle.

We have to thank David Glasgow for working with us to develop this product. He wrote to us early in 2014 asking for a larger version of our standard CF ferrule. After a few emails back and forth we hit on a size and the first order of 100 ferrules was placed. Since then we have sold many ferrules without a single complaint.

These ferrules are custom made for Duckworks to exacting specifications. You will not be dissappointed by the workmanship or appearance.

There are other uses for these ferrules too, such as for pushpoles. Read Rob Rohde-Szudy's article on using a ferrule with a wood pushpole


After a couple of false starts I have a ready to try, not yet finished paddle. With the correct sizing and glue-up It worked out quite well. I want to try a get in a paddle or 2 before the water freezes. I will stay in touch.

I will not finish it until I paddle a few times to make sure it is ready to finish.

Brian Hunter


As requested a few pics, afraid they are not great, so far the new splits have taken everything thrown at them, surfing, big seas, etc. no bother.

All the best,


Brian Hunter's article on installing carbon fiber ferrules on a wood paddle

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Details for Greenland size ferrules:

The Greenland size ferrules are 35.81mm ID and 38.6mm OD x 14" long. No screws are included - they can be epoxied to the shaft of your paddle.

These ferrules weigh 5.75 oz.


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