Carbon Fiber Double Paddle Ferrules - Medium

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If you make a fancy birdsmouth double paddle for your kayak, or even a solid wood paddle from a section of closet rod - you may want to be able to break it down for transport or storage. It will certainly fit in your car more easily that way. Now you can gain this versatility with one of our ferrules. Each allows a double paddle to be broken in two by simply pressing a button and twisting. The medium size ferrule has a single button position.

These ferrules are custom made for Duckworks to exacting specifications. You will not be dissappointed by the workmanship or appearance.

There are other uses for these ferrules too, such as for pushpoles. Read Rob Rohde-Szudy's article on using a ferrule with a wood pushpole.

Details for Standard size ferrules

The medium size ferrules are 29.81mm ID and 32.6mm OD x 14" long. No screws are included - they can be epoxied to the shaft of your paddle.

These ferrules weigh 4.7 oz. each.


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