Snap On/Off Bimini Side Mount

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$1.48 - $3.33


Injection Molded Nylon

If you want a bimini that will easily snap out to be completely removed, and is side mounted, you may want to consider this pair. We only have them for 3/4" tubing (also fits 1/2" electrical conduit). The bracket is screwed or bolted to a coaming or gunnel and the end cap in installed into the bimini bow. The whole thing can then be snapped into postion easily or just as easily removed.

The photo above shows how the two pieced snap together.


I resurected my redneck bimini I used previously on my big boat and put it on Little Gem. Basically, I introduced PVC to my plumbing torch to shape it, used removable plastic bimini mounts I got from Duckworks, and used zipties to put the two bows together.

The material itself is the sun-shade bugscreen I learned about in Arizona and is sold in Walmarts around here. Cuts the intensity of the sun a lot but you can still see your sails through it.

It all seems sturdy enough and a heck of a lot less expensive and easy than buying aluminum or stainless pipe and bending that for my bimini.

Scott Widmier

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