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Free plans. To download the file, click HERE

“Slipper” is:
Simpler: Because of the building material and relatively few components.
Ditto for: Faster Easier and Cheaper: to Build.
It is also Safer Because all sailing, motoring, docking, & anchoring functions are conducted within the safety of the deep cockpit. 
Superior: comfort and camp-aboard amenities for its size. 
Dual wheel steering stations for inside or outside helm.
Superior: visibility inside or out.
Centerboard trunk has minimal intrusion into the cabin, and is easily worked around in the cockpit.
Length of W.L. is 97% of L.O.D. for maximum Hull Speed
Centerboard can be winched to cabin-top level resulting in a draft of aprox. 15” or lowered to produce 3’6”’ draft contributing to stiffer and more weatherly performance.
When heeled, the hull presents a ‘V’ to the water, reducing drag and pounding. The aft cabin tends to point the bow into the wind whether sailing or anchored as opposed to conventional designs.

My intent was to get the maximum single-handed cruising accommodations in a minimum vessel. The entire exterior hull and cabin are made up from just ten assemblies butt or edge glued to form a modified dory hull. The hull sides are just two pieces of 4 X 8 plywood ripped to 3’ wide, then butt joined. Since I am neither a designer or draftsman, the plans are amateurish and may require using one’s intuition and/or innovation.
Download the plans HERE.

Slipper was designed by Rob Marean

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