• Picara Plans PDF

    Picara Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 6", 1300 POUNDS EMPTY A while back I presented a design called Fatcat2 which was a 15' x 6' unballasted sailing cuddy catboat. It is still in the prototype catalog, although one was built a few years ago but never used to...

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  • Normsboat Plans PDF

    Normsboat Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 5-1/2", 600 POUNDS EMPTY Normsboat was designed for Norm Wolf of Washington D.C. to join a group of trailer traveling shallow water sailors. He wanted the ability to motor and self rescue in a knockdown. Simplicity of...

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  • Hapscut Plans PDF

    Hapscut Plans PDF

    SAILING PRAM, 18' X 6.5', 450 POUNDS EMPTY Hapscut, Sailboat, 18' X 6.5', 450 POUNDS EMPTY In 2010 I was lucky enough to sail the TX200 with Chuck Leinweber in his Caprice. Chuck had me design Laguna just for this event and the Laguna fleet did quite...

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  • DarcyBryn Plans

    DarcyBryn Plans

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 15' X 6', 800 POUNDS EMPTY Darcy Bryn is the new name of the "Billsboat" project that was discussed here a while back (see the November 2009 back issues). The idea was for a solo cruiser with good rough water capabilities. The issue of...

  • Cormorant Plans PDF

    Cormorant Plans PDF

    CORMORANT, CABIN SAILBOAT, 32' X 8', 2500 POUNDS EMPTY Cormorant is the largest boat I've ever designed. I always warn folks to think twice and three times before building a big boat because you can buy a good used glass boat for less, maybe a lot less...

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  • Caroline Plans PDF

    Caroline Plans PDF

    SAILBOAT, 18' X 6', 750 POUNDS EMPTY Caroline started as a blend of Philsboat and Frolic2. The idea was for a little more cabin room than Philsboat and hopefully with the same seakeeping ability that Frolic2 has demonstrated. I made it a...

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  • AF3 Plans PDF

    AF3 Plans PDF

    AF3 plans come with two sailplans: the original sharpie spritsail (as seen in the photo below) and a balanced lugsail option. AF3, CUDDY SHARPIE, 16' X 5', 250 POUNDS EMPTY The AF3 (the original design study was called "Alison's Fiddle") prototype was...

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  • Twister Plans

    Twister Plans

    An AF4 builder might face the difficult choice of maybe building a boat like Twister instead. It's quite a different boat from AF4 but comes out of about the same pile of wood and labor. Twister is a bit smaller and won't go as fast but it...

  • Paulsboat Plans

    Paulsboat Plans

    I had a request from Paul Moffitt, of the famous sailing Moffitts, for a sailing canoe. Now, a "sailing canoe" can mean a lot of different things. But to me the sailing canoes that you read about from the late 1800's were what we both had in mind. I had...

  • Caprice Plans PDF

    Caprice Plans PDF

    BACKGROUND...About 15 years ago I built a Payson Canoe and used it for several years before selling it. I replaced it about 10 years ago with my Toto double paddle canoe. Toto has the same multichine cross section as the Payson Canoe but I tried for a...

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  • Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram Plans PDF

    Scram Pram is an interesting boat that I designed for Wil Gordon of Houston a few years ago. He built the prototype shown above, including making that multicolored sail. Wil had owned some production pocket cruisers and had sailed in Karl James' Jewelbox...

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  • IMB Plans PDF

    IMB Plans PDF

    IMB features a "Birdwatcher" cabin, full length with panoramic windows and a center walkway slot in the roof. Everyone rides inside. This style of boat was invented by Phil Bolger in the early 1980's.These boats can be self righting with minimal, or no,...

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  • Mayfly 12 Plans

    Mayfly 12 Plans

    Mayfly12 is a small general purpose row/sail skiff based on the lines of the traditional flat iron skiffs of 100 years ago. By that I mean she has a nearly vertical stem, flaring sides from the midsection to the stern, and a raking stern. And she has...

  • Wooboto Plans PDF

    Wooboto Plans PDF

    Steve Chambers out in California had built a Roar2 very quickly, in two or three weeks as I recall, and had gone off rowing with it and liked it a lot. He started looking for a design to learn sailing. He was thinking of my old Woobo design but got to...

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  • Tween Plans

    Tween Plans

    Tween is another one of those "in between" boats. it has a flat bottom for the most part like my Moby Dink, but that bottom twists into a V bottom entry like that of my WeeVee dink. The original Moby Dink, which can be built without thinking, is fairly...

  • Toon2 Plans

    Toon2 Plans

    Toon2 is in almost every way a multichine version of the AF3. I think these multichine hulls are more like round bilge hulls in that I keep the upper chine above any normal waterline so only the very easy lower chine flows through the water. Other boats...

  • Raider Plans

    Raider Plans

    Norm Wolfe built his Normsboat to my design so we were acquainted. He visits the Baltic countries regularly and had participated in a "Raid" in Finland and was going to make it a regular thing, maybe with his own boat. A Raid is a pseudo race with boats...

  • Mayfly 14 Plans PDF

    Mayfly 14 Plans PDF

    Mayfly14 is a straight forward flat bottomed plywood skiff for sailing and rowing. She's easy to build because her planks have no twists. That means that the chine log and wale bevels are constant for all practical purposes and can be presawn before...

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  • Ladybug Plans PDF

    Ladybug Plans PDF

    Ladybug is a lot like Woobo which was one of my first designs. There was a Woobo near here for a while. I never got to sail it but was told it would really fly. (That boat was made of Lauan plywood from Home Depot which fell to pieces after rainwater...

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  • Woobo Plans PDF

    Woobo Plans PDF

    Woobo was designed for the "perfect skiff" competition that Wooden Boat magazine had about ten years ago (hence the name "Woobo"). I didn't win anything and the experience led me to never enter another contest. Although the contest was well conceived I...

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  • Vector Plans

    Vector Plans

    Every now and then I draw up a sailboat with a centerboard. A boat with a centerboard can have a prettier rig sometimes because the rig does not have to be centered over the hull's widest beam, as it does with a leeboard boat. But the sail area still has...

  • Skat Plans PDF

    Skat Plans PDF

    Long time readers may recall this design as being in the prototypes section a while back. One was being built and nearly completed when the builder had to put it aside to work on some realities of life, something that happens to all of us from time to...

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  • Mixer2 Plans PDF

    Mixer2 Plans PDF

    Eventually I tweaked Mixer to have a "through the water" bow. It's the same change that Roar went through to become Roar2. I called the new boat Mixer2 and here are some lines of it.The rest of the boat is identical to Mixer although it appears that I...

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  • Robbsboat Plans

    Robbsboat Plans

    Robb really probably wanted a Matt Leydon cruiser like Paradox but was put off by the complexity and small size. It has been a while since I saw Paradox plans but I think the "complexity" of the design is mostly in the details that made such a small boat...

  • Vole Plans

    Vole Plans

    Vole evolved from WeeVee. She is a lot less extreme in the deep V department, but more extreme in the beam. In particular Vole should be a lot better as a knockabout sailer.Vole is a large dink. In particular Vole is short enough to be called a dink but...

  • Jewelbox Plans PDF

    Jewelbox Plans PDF

    Here is a boat that is supposed to be self righting to a great degree without ballast! Jewelbox has the combination proven by Bolger's Birdwatcher of high sides with a thick bottom and low down crew weight to act as ballast. Karl James told me his boat...

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  • Petesboat Plans

    Petesboat Plans

    This boat was designed for Pete James, brother of Karl James who built the original Jewelbox. Petesboat is an overall enlargement of Jewelbox and I'm guessing a 50% increase in volume and weight over Jewelbox. The hull shape is patterned after my Twixt...

  • Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Squared Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was my first design to get built. Here is a photo of Chris Feller's up Chicago way. She is shown with the original 55 square foot rig. I still have the boat. The sail rig has been experimented with many times but the hull is identical today...

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  • Musicbox2 Plans

    Musicbox2 Plans

    ...its the same as Musicbox3 but with a bow transom. Musicbox2 looks a lot like a shallow draft Micro and that's what she's supposed to be. I helped build a Micro a few years back and have spent several hours sailing one in both light and heavy winds...

  • Weevee Plans

    Weevee Plans

    I think I built WeeVee in 1993. I still have the original. A DEEP V DINK...I had done several flat bottomed and multichined boats by the time I was thinking of WeeVee and wanted some first hand experience with a V bottom. I decided to go with a small...

  • OliveOyl Plans PDF

    OliveOyl Plans PDF

    OliveOyl was designed for someone who liked AF3 but wanted more cabin room and comfort, but not more length. So I actually had some AF4breve drawings handy when I drew the lines for the new boat. Although Olive is the same length as AF3 the cabin is...

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  • Twixt Plans

    Twixt Plans

    After using Piccup Squared for a few years, I redid the bow into a warped V entry and called it Twixt. The bow bottom is slit on centerline and twisted on each side about 30 degrees. It's a common shape among aluminum johnboats and William Jackson did a...

  • Catbox Plans

    Catbox Plans

    Note: You can purchase Catbox plans by using the "Add to Cart" button above, or you can download a free PDF file containing the plans by clicking HEREIn recent years I've seen several PDR boats at our Rend Lake meets. Chuck Leinweber asked me to...

  • Fatcat 2 Plans PDF

    Fatcat 2 Plans PDF

    Fatcat2 is still really a prototype boat even though I can show photos of a completed boat. What happened is that the builder, who is in his mid 80's, was taking the prototype to the lake to test when it was damaged in a road accident. It's been repaired...

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  • Laguna Plans PDF

    Laguna Plans PDF

    DOWN IN TEXAS....They started a "cruise", not really a race, 200 miles up the protected waters of the intercoastal waterway. They say the wind blows strong and from such a direction that you reach or run the whole way and usually in smooth water. The...

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  • Toon19 Plans PDF

    Toon19 Plans PDF

    John Trussel built the prototype Toon19 in South Carolina. He had built several boats before this one including a Mixer of my design. He wrote this essay about his Toon19:Toon 19For a number of years I have owned various "shallow water cruisers" (to...

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  • Frolic2 Plans PDF

    Frolic2 Plans PDF

    The photo shows the prototype Frolic2 built by Larry Martin of Coos Bay, Oregon. Larry built the boat quite quickly this past winter including sewing the sail to the instructions given in the plans. He reported sailing it for the first time on a ripping...

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  • Trilars Plans PDF

    Trilars Plans PDF

    You will also need Larsboat plans to complete this project.I also drew up a trimaran sailing rig for Larsboat called "Trilars" which is sold separately. It is pretty much a clamp on rig except for the small mast step and partner. Here a photo of a model...

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  • Blobster Plans PDF

    Blobster Plans PDF

    Blobster has a lot of features I like in a boat. Lots of volume for its size, sort of like Micro or Scram Pram. The multichine shape is almost exactly like Scram's but this one does not have a Birdwatcher cabin. It has the more traditional cabin with a...

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  • Musicbox3 Plans PDF

    Musicbox3 Plans PDF

    Musicbox3 is about the same size as the Bolger Micro and is clearly derived from it. I've sailed on a couple of Micros. Amazing boat in a lot of ways, especially in the amount of room inside a 15' boat. The volume is the result of a 6' wide beam and flat...

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  • Moby Dink Plans PDF

    Moby Dink Plans PDF

    Moby Dink was one of my first projects. I built and used the prototype for a few years before selling it to a man who uses it to tend his farm pond. If I were to do this one again I wouldn't change the hull at all but would try the small lateen that I...

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  • Mikesboat Plans PDF

    Mikesboat Plans PDF

    Mikesboat is a big Piccup Pram. It is slightly narrower in proportion. The idea was to have something like Piccup that was large enough to take the family so she has two bench seats 8' long. It should be a good expedition solo boat with a boom tent...

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  • AF2 Plans

    AF2 Plans

    AF2 is the ancestor of both the AF3 and the AF4. The prototype was built by Richard Spelling of Sand Springs, Oklahoma.AF2 is almost 5' longer than AF3, and is 6" wider and deeper. The result is a boat that is a bit more of a cruiser than a day sailer...

  • Sneakerbox Plans

    Sneakerbox Plans

    If you like to spend time looking at drawings of small boats one of the best books to invest in is Howard Chapelle's AMERICAN SMALL SAILING CRAFT. If you turn to page 65 you will see a drawing of the "Old garvey box, substitute for a sneakbox". The...

  • Piccup Pram Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram Plans PDF

    Piccup Pram was the first boat of my design to get built, back in 1990, I think. I still have the prototype and use it regularly. I designed it to be the best sail/row boat I could put in the back of my short bed pick up truck. But I found it to be a...

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  • Slam Dink Plans

    Slam Dink Plans

    Slam Dink was presented earlier this year as a prototype design and was quickly built by the Moffitt gang in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Here Sean and Lauren contemplate boatbuilding on a picnic table:Slam is a pretty straight forward building job from two...

  • Deansbox Plans

    Deansbox Plans

    Deansbox was designed for Dean McClure down in Key West. Dean had an interesting background in boats including a Dovekie and a Chapelle sharpie (junk rigged, to boot). He was looking for a daysailing boat for his shallow area, small enough for easy...

  • Mayfly 16 Plans PDF

    Mayfly 16 Plans PDF

    Mayfly16 is large enough to swallow up three men or maybe a family with two kids. She has two benches that are 7' long and there should be plenty of room for all. I would say that her fully loaded maximum weight might be 900 pounds and her empty weight...

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  • Philsboat Plans PDF

    Philsboat Plans PDF

    Philsboat is essentially an IMB with the nose extended to a pointy bow. The width and multichine configuration are the same as IMB's. The cabin is 3" deeper because Phil is at least 3" taller than most of us. In a boat with a Birdwatcher cabin like this...

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  • Jewelbox Jr. Plans PDF

    Jewelbox Jr. Plans PDF

    This is Jewelbox Junior, a 15' version of the original 19' Jewelbox built a while back by Karl James in Texas. That Jewelbox went all over the US and parts of Canada and I understand was sold a few years ago to someone in Florida and replaced by a larger...

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