Respirator Kit with Cartridges

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3M 6000 Series Half Facepiece Respirator Kit with Cartridges

  • Includes P95 Rated Filters
  • With a pair of 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridges
  • With Filters and Retainer Caps

This is a NIOSH approved half facepiece respirator which is adaptable to a wide range of respiratory protection.
Its low maintenance, comfortable design allows greater worker flexibility with the use of different types of cartridges and filters for a variety of work environments.
Cartridges are simply twisted on or off the facepiece for easy replacement, allowing the easily cleaned facepiece to be reused.

• These single pack kits are ready to use and include:  the respirator, a pair of (6001) organic vapor cartridges, 2 pairs of oblong P95 rated particulate filters (5P71), and a set of (501) cartridge retainers for attaching the filters to the cartridges.

Every 3M™ facepiece respirator can be used with any of 3M's vapor cartridge and particulate filter combinations:
• All vapor cartridges attach directly to the bayonet fitting on the facepiece
• All oblong particulate filters can be attached over a vapor cartridge by using a #501 adapter/holder, which snaps onto the cartridge
• All round particulate filters can also be attached to a vapor cartridge, but use the #502 bayonet adapter, which also just snaps onto the cartridge
• All round particulate filters can also attach directly to the bayonet fitting on the facepiece (without using a vapor cartridge), when vapor protection is NOT required, and only particulate protection is necessary

Note that vapor cartridges are almost always used in conjunction with filters — as in the marine industry, it is rare to be exposed to vapors without the presence of particulates.

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