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  • 8' Runabout Plans PDF

    8' Runabout Plans PDF

    The approval for Runabout came from my readers, for a small portable motor boat of traditional hull design. It includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume, multi-seating, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, portable and...

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  • Volare Plans (utility version)

    Volare Plans (utility version)

    Free Study Plans HERE Full size templates for this boat are available HERE Volare Console Version Volare comes in three versions. This is the tiller steered utility version, the  console version is available as a separate set of plans. There...

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  • 24' Deadrise Launch Plans PDF

    24' Deadrise Launch Plans PDF

    These plans are instant download - you will need to print the 22" x 34" sheets.. For printed plans, click HERE. A versatile half-canopy launch, offering many internal layout options. She is especially suited for employment as a personnel launch or...

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  • 16' Cape Cod Semi Dory Plans

    16' Cape Cod Semi Dory Plans

    The Cape Cod is a motor dory based upon the Swampscott model with it's flat but rockered bottom panel and 4 planks per side. Unlike the sailing Swampscott, the bottom is kept fairly wide aft so that she can take a reasonable size of outboard (up to 35...

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  • QT Skiff Plans PDF

    QT Skiff Plans PDF

    Flat iron skiffs are said to be easy to draw but very hard to get right. QT is my attempt at a flat iron skiff. The prototype was built by Paul Krayniak of Odessa, NY and a photo of his boat is presented below. The above photo is of Brad Boerger's QT.I...

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  • Mia 15 Plans

    Mia 15 Plans

    Click HERE for Free Study Plans Download Full size templates for this boat are available HERE a 15' 1" x 5' 4" Runabout Specifications Length - 15' 1" Beam - 5' 4"Bare Hull Weight - (approx) 270 lbsPower Requirement: 10 to 30 hp, short shaft...

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  • Fishing 20 Workboat Plans

    Fishing 20 Workboat Plans

    A Hardy metal workhorse - steel or aluminum Hardy metal workhorse ~ Harbour tender ~ Yacht club ferry ~ Diveboat ~ Inshore fishing boat ~ Spaceframe construction method suited to production runs ~ Aluminum or steel ~ Optional full size patterns for...

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  • Shetland 14 Workboat Plans

    Shetland 14 Workboat Plans

    This sturdy craft has been designed for a client in Scotland who wanted a rugged general purpose boat for fishing and diving in rough water. She may only be 14’ long, but she is for all that, a large boat and she incorporates both integral buoyancy...

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  • 24' Strip Planked Motor Yacht Plans

    24' Strip Planked Motor Yacht Plans

    This was a commission just for the computer generated and faired mould shapes and building jig details for a 24' x 8'6" motor yacht of traditional appearance. The concept is to have a forward cabin with 2 berths plus wc and galley and either a short...

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  • Aludink Aluminum Dinghy Plans PDF

    Aludink Aluminum Dinghy Plans PDF

    An Aluminum Motor/Sail Dinghy Plans for this dinghy consist of two A0 (44"x33")sheets and one A1 (33"x22") sheet and detailed building instructions. Visit the Wavedancer website Principal dimensions: L.O.A. 3.44 m (11' 3"), Beam 1.42 m (4'...

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  • 15'1" Port Pegasus Plans

    15'1" Port Pegasus Plans

    The Port Pegasus is a clinker boat which may be used as a pure rowing boat or fitted with a small diesel (ie Farymann 7.5) as a small motor launch with classic appearance.   As a general purpose launch, she could be fitted out in a variety of...

    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Power 1.3 Plans

    Power 1.3 Plans

    The Power 1.3 is a development of the original Power 1 design. In this case, we were asked to produce a simply built hull with more capacity and suitable for offshore and estuary conditions. We have retained the flat bottom section which eases and...

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  • 21' Ijssel Launch Plans

    21' Ijssel Launch Plans

    This launch has been designed for diesel propulsion (10-15 hp) but she can also take steam or electric propulsion. The layout drawn for her is a simple open thro' plan with no obstructing bulkheads but she could be fitted out in a variety of ways - a...

    $34.00 - $358.00
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  • 16' Leland Lake Plans PDF

    16' Leland Lake Plans PDF

      This is the second of my series of hull designs intended for those with experience building boats; so the build plan set will have a limited amount of drawings. Any interior details can be seen in the free study plans of any of my other 16ft...

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  • 12 Ft Aluminum Skiff

    12 Ft Aluminum Skiff

    Note: These are very basic plans consisting of drawings with dimensions and a photo series showing construction steps but no other building manual is included. My brother designed this Boat using ideas from the many boats being used around. He...

  • AF4 Casa Plans PDF

    AF4 Casa Plans PDF

    This was supposed to be a cut down AF4, without cabin, but with a large open cockpit for sightseeing, and maybe a canopy over all of those seats. Chuck Leinweber called it a "picnic boat" which is a pretty good idea. It is the same...

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  • Badger Plans PDF

    Badger Plans PDF

    "BADGER" - Outboard modified dory, wood. 15' 1" LOA, 4' 3" beam. 275 Ibs. Plans include original article from Sports Afield Boatbuilding Annual, lines, offsets, profile, construction drawings, and suggested bill of materials. No small vessel can top the...

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  • Flint Plans PDF

    Flint Plans PDF

    14ft 9-3/4in x 4ft 3-1/4in x 6in Flint was designed to meet the requirements of an experienced boatman who lived on an island several miles from the mainland. The boat had to row in a spirited fashion, and be able to cover long distances under the urge...

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  • Ace (templates* only)

    Ace (templates* only)

    *Full size templates are in .pdf format. They need to be printed on a plan printing machine. Most cities have plan printing shops that can do this for you, alternatively, you may know a local architect, or engineer who could print the templates for you...

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  • Lutra Laker & Little Laker Plans

    Lutra Laker & Little Laker Plans

    Lutra Laker Laker Little Laker Length 17 ft 6 in Length 14ft 6 in Beam 48 inches Beam 42 inches Draft 4 inches Draft 3.5 in Weight 150 lbs aprox Weight 65 lbs aprox Disp@4 in 770 lbs Disp@3.5 in 490 lbs Motor 10 Hp...

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  • 15' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    15' Outboard Motor Canoe Plans

    This 15' (4.58m) design is an extended version of our 12'6" Outboard Motor Canoe and uses the same basic hull shape with it's narrow flat bottom panel with 3 further panels added each side to form an attractive but stable and easily built shape. 3 seats...

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  • 18' Henley Slipper Launch Plans

    18' Henley Slipper Launch Plans

    The plans for the 16' Henley Slipper Launch include the hull panel shapes for a single chine "V" bottomed version and we were simply asked to take this model and stretch it to 18' - however, instead of just developing the hull panels, we have completed a...

    $34.00 - $203.00
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  • Kastri plans

    Kastri plans

    Click HERE for Free Study Plans Download Full size templates for this boat are available HERE In the spring of 2013, I started to write a book called, 'How to Design a Boat using SketchUp 3D Software'. The subject matter was my design, 'Kalostyn'...

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  • Rifleman Printed Plans

    Rifleman Printed Plans

    For a Rifleman Digital Download, click HERE The lapstrake sides and classical looks of "Rifleman" were an accident more or less, Frank Perry had been on the beach at a popular resort when He had seen Roger Davies in his beautifully presented "Rogue"...

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  • 21' Taranto Runabout Plans

    21' Taranto Runabout Plans

    We have often been asked about the design of a more rakish runabout - built in much the same way as the Redshrike (a ply inner skin over frames covered with Mahogany veneer) but with more modern lines - and at last we have been asked to design one...

    $34.00 - $270.00
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  • Veep 14 Plans

    Veep 14 Plans

    I've tried several different ways to shape a hull to handle rough water. Rough water is a problem around here where the manmade lakes are flat and wide and shallow. We get whitecaps when the wind blows about 12 mph. I think the situation is about...

  • Ruby 19 Plans

    Ruby 19 Plans

    The Ruby 19 is based on our Ruby 22 double chine plywood steam launch. In the case of the Ruby 19 a client wanted a shorter version of the 22 to be built in steel which meant widening and deepening her to take the steel weight. Having produced the...

    $27.00 - $257.00
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  • Silver 333 Plans

    Silver 333 Plans

    The SILVER 333 is a very small classical runabout for one or two people which may easily be transported on top of a mid-size car roof. Maximum suggested power of the motor is 15/20 HP, which is sufficient for planing. The bow of the boat acts as a tank...

    $13.00 - $98.00
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  • Twang Plans

    Twang Plans

    Twang is a light small power skiff, light enough to cartop (I notice the wheels on the transom in the photo) if you keep your mind on weight as you build and if you can figure out a way to carry your motor and fuel without ruining your car. It...