Cabin Powerboats

  • Three Brothers Plans PDF

    Three Brothers Plans PDF

    Three Brothers An efficient powerboat for work and play Some time ago I received a letter from my long-time boating and bush-exploration friend, Ian Hamilton. Ian seemed to have been going through something of an extended mid-life crisis, but never...
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  • Simplex Plans PDF

    Simplex Plans PDF

    "SIMPLEX" — 18' Military type outboard cruiser, wood. Beam 7' 6". Two bunks forward. Includes lines, offsets, construction drawings, etc. 4 sheets plus article reprint. click image above for larger view UP IN THE lake states where outboard motors...
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  • 26' General Purpose Workboat Plans

    26' General Purpose Workboat Plans

    This is a general purpose 26' workboat with a beam of 8'4". Construction consists of pre-shaped ply bulkheads and girders which are slotted together. Chine girders are then fitted and the pre-shaped hull skin then applied. Details are shown for the...
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  • Centex 16 Instant Download

    Centex 16 Instant Download

    It would seem as though the "Golden Age" of yachting has passed us by. Instead, perhaps, there is a new movement afoot -- a movement of backyard and garage boat builders, building at home using plywood (often construction grade) and epoxy, building boats...
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  • Mini Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Mini Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Download free PDF Study Plan - Click HERE SPECIFICATIONS : BOAT OAL = 12 feet OAW = 4 feet OAH = 34 inches (top of cabin) Occupants = 4 max Capacity = 750 pounds max. Power = Row or 3 HP motor max. CAMPER OAL = 7 feet OAW...
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  • Micro Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Micro Camper Cruiser Plans PDF

    Click HERE for a Sail Rig Supplement for this boatTo download free sponson plans for this boat click HERE The idea for the Micro CAMPER CRUISER is the designer's desire for a portable overnight boat that fits in his car. It includes an...
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  • Venezia + Dayboat Plans PDF

    Venezia + Dayboat Plans PDF

    "Venezia" - canal boat/river boat for the Venice Lagoon + Full Dayboat plans A compact trailerable motorboat with accomodationFor printed plans click HERE Simple to Build Economical Performance - Good speed with small outboards Light enough to be...
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  • TC35 Plans PDF

    TC35 Plans PDF

    For study plan download, click HERE For printed full plans, click HERE Simple to Build - Prefabrication Method - Most of the major parts can be finished before the boat is assembled. Almost silent, Cheap liveaboard Drawings for all bulkheads and panels...
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