Fluted, Threaded Knobs

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Thru Hole Fluted, Threaded Knobs

Rubber, Stainless insert

These knobs have all sorts of uses for DIYers in general and boatbuilders in particular. The thread is either 1/4-20 or 3/8-16, and they both have stainless steel inserts. The smaller size fit our glue-on studs add they will work with Stainless Steel or Silicon Bronze Allthread

One thing you can use these knobs for is to mount our kayak footbraces or rudder control footbraces.

If you need a thumbscrew, it is easy to use a threaded (1/4-20) machine screw or piece of all thread rod cut to length and glued into the threads in the nut.

A B C D Thread
1.36" 0.98" 0.17" 0.53" 1/4-20
1.75" 1.23 0.28 0.86 3/8-16

Note: click the thread sizes in the chart above for a complete spec PDF file.

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