Dudley Dix

  • Argie 10 Plans

    Argie 10 Plans

    Argie 10 LOA - 3.1 m - 10' 2" Beam - 1.35 m - 4' 5" Sail Area - 5.25 sqm - 56.5 sf Hull Wt. - 29 kg - 64 lbs Oar Length - 2 m - 6' 6" Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed...
    $45.00 - $90.00
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  • Argie 15 Plans

    Argie 15 Plans

    ~ Attractive & versatile , Argie 15 offers fun for the whole family.~ Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed, space for camp-cruising on lakes and rivers.~ Simple stitch and glue method,...
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  • Cape Cutter 19 Plans

    Cape Cutter 19 Plans

    Gunkholing at its best."Zest" (hull #2) snug in a tiny covealong the shores of False Bay Pretty as a picture ~ The charm of tradition~ Accommodation for family weekending~ Comfortable...
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  • Cape Henry 21 Plans

    Cape Henry 21 Plans

    Cape Henry 21 hull and internal structure, centreplate version.Pretty, and quick too!~ Charmingly traditional~ Family weekending~ Berth-length cockpit seats~ Tow to exotic locations~ Gaff or marconi...
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  • Didi 23 Plans

    Didi 23 Plans

    Compact performer~ Based on Didi 26~ Economy of plywood~ Radius chine hull, stitch & glue cabintop~ Round bilge from sheet material~ Within abilities of amateur builders~ Easily handled fractional...
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  • Didi Cruise Mini Plans

    Didi Cruise Mini Plans

    Fast minimum cruiser~ Based on Didi Mini~ Simpler cruising rig~ Optional Lifting keel for gunkholing~ More comfortable interior~ Heads compartment~ Fast coastal mini cruiser~ Round the buoys...
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  • Didi Mini Mk3 Plans

    Didi Mini Mk3 Plans

    These views show the hull and cabin changes clearly. Low budget performer ~ Economy of plywood ~ Modern radius chine hull with topside chine ~ Stitch & glue cabintop & topside chine ~...
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  • Didi Mini Plans

    Didi Mini Plans

    Low budget performer~ Economy of plywood~ Radius chine hull, stitch & glue cabintop~ Round bilge from sheet material~ Amateur or pro builders~ Fixed or canting keel~ High performance racing on a...
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  • Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Dixi Dinghy Plans

    Multi-purpose, can be rowed, motored or sailed and is light enough for one person to lift on and off the family car or yacht. Simple stitch and glue construction, it can be built with the...
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  • Fishing 20 Workboat Plans

    Fishing 20 Workboat Plans

    A Hardy metal workhorse - steel or aluminum Hardy metal workhorse ~ Harbour tender ~ Yacht club ferry ~ Diveboat ~ Inshore fishing boat ~ Spaceframe construction method suited to production runs ~...
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  • Lynnhaven 16 Plans

    Lynnhaven 16 Plans

    Attractive and capable touring canoe1-3 Person capacityPaddle as a canoeFit rowlocks and oars for a small pulling boatIntegral buoyancy/storage in seatsEasy amateur buildIdeal school or family...
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  • Oppikat Plans (Children's Catamaran)

    Oppikat Plans (Children's Catamaran)

    A boat for the little people~ Modern concept~ Easy launch and retrieval~ Car-toppable~ Trainer for the big cat~ Great "my own boat" for the kids~ Now also detailed for wood constructionShe is a small...
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  • Paper Jet 14 Plans

    Paper Jet 14 Plans

    This design won an Outstanding Innovation Award at the Wooden Boat Show 2007. Click for Professional Boatbuilder article (PDf) Plywood Stitch & Glue Sailing Skiff Paper Jet rigs -...
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  • Piepowder 16 Plans

    Piepowder 16 Plans

    "Piepowder", A perky little yacht with ocean-going abilityGRP minimum cruising cutterEvery man has his own ideas about his perfect yacht. The boat of one man's dreams is that of nightmares to another...
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  • Sentinel Challenger 13 Plans

    Sentinel Challenger 13 Plans

    An attractive and versatile dinghy of traditional styling, the Challenger 13 offers lots of fun for the whole family.Multi-purpose, she can be rowed, motored or sailed.Traditional lapstrake...
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  • Threefold 6 Plans

    Threefold 6 Plans

    Speedy little trimaran for fun weekends afloat~ Protected water cruiser~ Fast & fun~ Weekend accommodation for a small family~ Folds for trailing and compact storage~ Amas swing in for compact...
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  • TLC 19 and Windy 580 Plans

    TLC 19 and Windy 580 Plans

    Around the dam or around the world~ Easily handled weekender~ Performance for racing~ Accommodation for family weekending~ Towing with family car~ Small enough for children to participate...
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