David Nichols

  • Indian Girl Plans

    Indian Girl Plans

    Length-12-1/2 feetBeam-32 inchesDraft-4 inchesWeight-30 to 35 poundsIndian Girl was strongly influenced by several canoes from the late 1800’s when canoeing was at its peak in this country. J...
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  • The Brotherhood of Pandora

    The Brotherhood of Pandora

    Many of you will know David Nichols from his popular boat designs or his traditional boat-building books, but he’s just released a historical, nauticallly-accurate...
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  • Voyager Plans

    Voyager Plans

    Length-14-1/2 feetBeam-33 inchesDraft-4 inchesWeight-35 to 40 poundsClick HERE for a bill of materialsVoyager, like her smaller sister Indian Girl, was strongly influenced by the decked canoes from...
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