The Race to Launch

The Race to Launch

We've been getting a lot of calls and orders from builders racing to finish their boats as the latter part of summer approaches. Expert builder Dan Mattson stopped by recently to finish the rigging of his beautiful new SCAMP, with SCAMP oracle, Simeon Baldwin. meeting him here to assist.

Dan's SCAMP features all kinds of Duckworks parts, from the bronze port kit to the bronze cleats, to the hatches and pintles and gudgeons.

He also went with our classic-looking Raid Braid line in Traditions beige color.

Speaking of line, we just brought in a special type from Marlow that we think makes the perfect sheet.

For some it might seem like a bit of a luxury to have a special type of line for sheets, but once you try it you might never go back. This Marston+ is super light and smooth through blocks—no more having to manually push your boom out on light air days. It has a soft hand, it cleats well, it floats, and it resists absorbing water, so no more wringing out your sloppy lines.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try. We only brought in one color and only 8mm (5/16") as that's a pretty perfect sheet size for our kinds of boats.

Whatever you do—we hope you get out on the water! —The Duckworks Crew

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Nov 6th 2020 Josh Colvin

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