How is Your Project Going?

How is Your Project Going?

If ever there was a good time to get your boat projects done so you're ready to maximize time on the water—this would be it! Let's take a look at what some of you are up to right now:

Reader John Hartmann writes: "Here is an image of a Francois Vivier-designed Jewell that I’ve been building from a Clint Chase kit over the past year and a half. She’s pretty much complete, and I’ll be getting her onto a trailer and getting the rig together between now and an anticipated spring 2021 launch. Duckworks will be supplying a fair bit of the hardware and lines for the rig."

David Inman wrote to say: "Here is my 12 foot Ranger canoe/kayak from Selway Fisher. I added floats and built the fold in half mast. Once it gets warm here in Georgia, I will add the rudder and leeboard and see if she sails. Kind of learning as I go. Thanks for the fun articles about everyone else’s boats. Fun to read."

Tim Walls has about finished what might be the nicest Livingston refit ever. Tim writes: "I should be ready for a Suzuki 30 hp this spring sometime. Quiet, dependable, and efficient 4-stroke fuel injected engine. The boat should have a range of 60 to 70 miles on 6 gallons.Thanks for your continued support on my project."

Dennis Hogan used our inexpensive 4" bronze Port kit to add some salt and light to his Potter 15 companionway hatch.

David Rabbetts checked in from the UK to show-off his GP14 that appears to be coming along nicely. David is adding a set of our our smooth Gaco Oarlocks. "The GP14 was designed by Jack Holt back in 1949, " he writes, "but is still raced here in the UK. I also believe it is sailed there in the USA and at other destinations around the world. There is also an international scene with the 2022 World championships taking place in Sri Lanka. Thanks for your emails as it’s good to see what other builders are up to."

Jan 25th 2021 Josh Colvin

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