Better than Bottom Paint?

Better than Bottom Paint?

What if your trailerable boat doesn't sit in a slip year-round like most big boats, but it does sometimes spend weeks or even months in the water?

Many of us take our boat on one or two extended cruises each year, or perhaps leave our boat in a slip for easy access for a month, but does this warrant the labor and expense of anti-fouling bottom paint? Maybe not, but pulling your boat out to find the bottom covered in barnacles, mussels, and algae isn’t good either.

A friend recently told us about a product he’s used very successfully —a spray or rub-on wax that prevents or reduces marine growth on the bottom for extended periods. We finally managed to track the company down in Canada, and we've started carrying both the spray, which is the simplest to apply, and the rub-on wax, which offers slightly more protection. We think these products might be the perfect solution for our purposes. Below are some details from the manufacturer. (The manufacturer was low on inventory, so we didn't get a lot—while supplies last)—Eds
Easy Spray
Easy On Wax
Easy Alternative to Antifouling Paint

Some time back, in the 1980s, the French Navy were moored for a week on Biscayne Bay, off the coast of France. When they pulled up anchor and left, the fishermen found their oysters in very poor condition. The toxins from the huge fleet’s antifouling obviously had a devastating effect.

Thus a Canadian group set about developing a unique, underwater “Foul Release” wax that helps prevent attachment and provides a more easily cleanable surface as a much better environmental alternative.

Since then, Easy-On Bottom Coating has been used by over 100,000 boaters globally.

This unique, clear, coating forms an instant molecular bond to any hull ; be it fiberglass, aluminum pontoons, wood or even inflatables. Easy-On can also be used over old, sound, hard antifouling paint. The thinner it is applied the Better it works! You can treat a 24 ft boat “in minutes” with just a soft cloth and one 15 Oz bottle of Easy-On.

Friction is also reduced, and the hull tends to self clean as it moves through the water, so you are getting increased performance and using less fuel. The New Zealand Coast Guard reported up to 2 MPH better top speed over a measured mile with this product.

Easy-On kept 98 % of Zebra Mussels off static plates in a Lake St Clair test, done by a leading Uni-versity researcher. It is rated full season freshwater and intermittent salt water use (racked and trailered boats). Fountain boat enthusiasts and competitive boaters have used Easy-On for years.
The best tiller-taming device on the market is now in stock.
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