Bernd Kohler

  • "Fritz" a Tender

    "Fritz" a Tender

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Here is an easy to built small dinghy. 2 m (almost 8 feed) long with a weight of 18 kg ( 60lbs light). The boat served us well on our 11 year...
  • Cataproa Plans

    Cataproa Plans

    A new boat type? Why not? The idea, a personal multihull cruiser for the least amount of work and cost. I like Proas but I do not like shunting. It is okay for long distances but not, for instance,...
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  • DUO 1000 Plans

    DUO 1000 Plans

    You can find study plans for the DUO 1000 HERE Note: There is no building guide with these plans only dxf drawings and some sketches in pdf format - these plans are for experienced builders only...
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  • DUO 425 Plans

    DUO 425 Plans

    The DUO 425 was the first parallel rig cat designed for amateur construction. The prototype was shown at the boat show in Duesseldorf in 1984. We have the most experience with this sort of rigs...
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  • DUO 480C "jigsaw" Plans

    DUO 480C "jigsaw" Plans

    DUO 480C under construction in New Zealand   This design cost me more time than I thought it would, but the result is precisely what I wanted: an easy to built boat with a lot of possibilities...
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  • DUO 800 Plans

    DUO 800 Plans

    Boats around 8 m (27 ft) are most interesting for the average sailor. The harbor fees, maintenance work, car if the boat is in the limits for road transport and the costs to buy but sure to build*...
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  • ECO 520 PDF

    ECO 520 PDF

    The ECO 520 is the next catamaran from my jigsaw series. The first was the DUO 480 C. For study plans, click HERE The clue is, that the hulls can be build laying flat on a table. Starting with the...
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  • ECO 55 Power Cat Plans

    ECO 55 Power Cat Plans

    The ECO 55 power catamaran is an affordable DIY power catamaran. As the owner proved the boat is a capable coastal cruiser. The inside layout is the same as for the ECO55 sail version but the...
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  • ECO 55 Sail Plans

    ECO 55 Sail Plans

    The first ECOnomy cruiser was designed 2003. The first multi hull with a negative bow by the way. The model is basically the same but the experience from owners/builders around the world is flowing...
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  • ECO 6 Plans

    ECO 6 Plans

    Note: This is the full plan, for the study plans click HERE The ECO 6 looks like the ECO55 cruiser, but it is a completely new design. The small increase of only 0.5m and increasing the total...
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  • ECO 62 Houseboat Plans

    ECO 62 Houseboat Plans

    To have fun on the water a houseboat is a practical solution. The exist already in all possible shapes. Many more house as boat, others more boat as house. Here a bit an other approach. The ECO...
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  • ECO 7.5 Plans

    ECO 7.5 Plans

    After many requests for a bigger ECOnomy cruiser here she is. For dimensions see the specifications. The layout speaks for it self. This boat is a perfect boat for the whole family. It is designed...
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  • ECO 75 Power Cat Plans

    ECO 75 Power Cat Plans

    The ECO 75 power cat is the big brother of the ECO power cat. Designed along the same lines and with the same philosophy. Easy to build boat by an amateur. Construction is the time proven...
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  • KD 650 Plans

    KD 650 Plans

      The KD 650 is an other approach for an affordable trailer catamaran for amateur construction. The boat is designed for coastal sailing and will have a good turn of speed with its...
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  • KD 860 Plans

    KD 860 Plans

    These are full plans - for study plans click HERE This is our smallest offshore cruiser. A sea worthy fast cruiser catamaran for a family of four. The performance of this boat is exceptional on...
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  • Kohler Gunter Rig Plans

    Kohler Gunter Rig Plans

    The Gunter rig is an almost forgotten rig. This is a pity, because this rig has many merits. The Gunter rig is as good to windward as any sloop rig. The rig is very efficient. Even more than...
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  • Little TRI Plans

    Little TRI Plans

    I have built almost anything that can sail. At the age of 12 my first sail thing, an ice "boat". I used skates which had to be mounted on shoes as runners. Big fun, very fast, only the lake was too...
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  • MaXi The Cat Plans PDF

    MaXi The Cat Plans PDF

    For study plans click HERE MaXi is a trailer-able catamaran for amateur construction. The beam of the boat is 2,44m. It can have also water ballast. The wing seat adds a tremendous amount of...
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  • New ECO 55 Sail Plans

    New ECO 55 Sail Plans

    The New ECO 55 is a modification of the Original ECO 55. When you buy the new plans you receive the complete set of the original plans plus the details for the new gunter rig and new...
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  • SC 435 Plans

    SC 435 Plans

    The SC 435 was my first catamaran design. I designed the boat 1979. I lost count how many plans for this boat I have sold. The sail in almost any country of the world where there is water. But the SC...
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  • Tiny TRI Plans

    Tiny TRI Plans

    Here my next small outrigger/trimaran the TINY TRI. The hull of LITTLE TRI has proven itself to be fast, easy to sail, a good boat to camp on and yes seaworthy to. My goal with Tiny Tri is a bit...
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