Open Sailboats to 14'

  • Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    Unicat 2.4S Plans PDF

    After many requests, I have designed the new Unicat 2.4 - S, A sailing version of the popular Unicat 2.4 dinghy. For Full Sized Patterns for Unicat 2.4S, Click HERE Designed to be simple, practical, and fast, the 2.4-S retains all the features of the...

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  • Vector Plans

    Vector Plans

    Every now and then I draw up a sailboat with a centerboard. A boat with a centerboard can have a prettier rig sometimes because the rig does not have to be centered over the hull's widest beam, as it does with a leeboard boat. But the sail area still has...

  • Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Plans PDF

    Viola 14 Sailing Canoe Plans PDF

    The Viola 14 is intended to be a very easy and light boat to transport and get onto the water. It is meant to appeal to racing dinghy sailors and others who will be able to push this light boat hard. It is not a normal sailing canoe shape. It is...

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  • Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    Vita Dinghy Plans PDF

    It is axiomatic that the jack of all trades does nothing well. There are exceptions, however. The Vita Dinghy is one. A list of desirable attributes might include the following: easy construction with minimal skills, low cost, permanently tight, strong...

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  • Vole Plans

    Vole Plans

    Vole evolved from WeeVee. She is a lot less extreme in the deep V department, but more extreme in the beam. In particular Vole should be a lot better as a knockabout sailer.Vole is a large dink. In particular Vole is short enough to be called a dink but...

  • Westray 9 Plans

    Westray 9 Plans

    Several years ago I was asked by PJS Boats to draw up a modified Highlander 16 dayboat with a real seagoing jaunty sheer and plenty of stability to take a powerful rig. The Westray 16 was born and later they asked me to design a smaller dinghy in...

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  • Wildcat Free Plans

    Wildcat Free Plans

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE Respected boat designer John Welsford challenged me with this brief: 'The kids, 9 and 11 had been hounding their dad (a fairly handy guy with tools) for a boat of their own for ages. The family's 30...

  • Yakyak 365 Plans PDF

    Yakyak 365 Plans PDF

    12' x 30” – 75 Lbs. Sail area 17 / 20 Sq.Ft. A sailing Sit On Top kayak for one adult or two teenagers. Plywood epoxy building on a central backbone and light frames. 4 sheets of 1/4 ACX plywood...

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  • Yakyak 425 Plans PDF

    Yakyak 425 Plans PDF

    YakYak 425 A sailing Sit On Top kayak for two. Plywood epoxy building on a central backbone and light frames. 4 sheets of 1/4 ACX plywood. The plans detail all the parts and panels dimension, the parts nesting on plywood sheets, two rigs, a complete...

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  • Yakyak 425 Sport Supplement PDF

    Yakyak 425 Sport Supplement PDF

    Yakyak 425 "Sport" Supplement (optional)(NOTE: You also need the Yakyak 425 plans to build the boat) Floats, beam, rudder and larger sail option. 1 sheets of 1/6 or 1/5 ACX plywood. Yakyak 425 Sport Sail area 35 Sq.Ft

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  • YW Heron Plans

    YW Heron Plans

    Heron class sailing dinghy was originally designed by Jack Holt and has been around now, for many years - many sailors first took to the water in a Heron and she remains a positive favourite amongst young and old alike with a very active Class...

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  • Zest Plans Download

    Zest Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Zest is a hiking (no trapeze) singlehanded racing dinghy and is based on my 50 years racing experience, which includes winning 2 singlehanded national championships (see my Biography page for more details). This is the...

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