Composite Fasteners & Tools

Composite Fasteners & Tools

Composite fasteners are a great development for boat builders. First, they cannot rust so can be left in your work. If they are proud or you hit one with a plane or saw, don't worry - they are plastic. With cold molding or strip planking, these fasteners will hold parts together while the epoxy cures. The actually hold in tension better than slick metal fasteners.

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  • Omer 81P Pneumatic Stapler

    Omer 81P Pneumatic Stapler

    One of the required tools for Raptor 19 Gauge Composite Staples The 81P series pneumatic staplers drive RAPTOR® 19 gauge composite staples from 1/4" through 9/16". They are extremely fast, lightweight, well balanced and rugged. They are...
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