Open Sailboats 14' up

  • Kingfisher14 Plans

    Kingfisher14 Plans

    Paul Fisher designed the Kingfisher for Jack Chippendale of Chippendale Craft Ltd as a large roomy dayboat for the family which could be built from a kit or from plans in an average sized garage using only domestic DIY tools. We wanted a boat for...
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  • 18' Cormorant Fast Dayboat

    18' Cormorant Fast Dayboat

    We designed the 16’ Stornoway for Walt Scherf and having built that boat, he asked me to draw up an 18’ fast dayboat based partly on the Stornoway model but with lower sleeker lines. What has evolved is a hull with 6 planks per side and a very...
    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • The Lillie Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Lillie Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Lillie Canoe Yawl - this lovely craft was commissioned by Tom Dunderdale after reading the series of articles in the Classic Boat magazine on the 13' strip planked canoe yawl Ethel. The idea was to produce a canoe yawl of similar style to those of...
    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • 21' Grace Harwar Long Boat Plans

    21' Grace Harwar Long Boat Plans

    This design, for a Dutch client, has 8 planks per side which are simply stitched together edge to edge and finished with epoxy and tape. She may be fitted out in many different ways but the standard drawings show her with a steel centreboard which is...
    $27.00 - $304.00
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  • Phoenix III Plans PDF

    Phoenix III Plans PDF

    Click HERE for Phoenix III Study Plans Phoenix III was designed for the builder of the first boat, Paul Hernes. Paul came to me in search of plans for a dinghy which could be sailed fast and far, rowed in such a way as to be more pleasure than pain, and...
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  • 16' Kane & Able Plans

    16' Kane & Able Plans

    For something quite a bit larger Kane and Able are two separate Suffolk Beach punts. Both have the same overall length, beam and arrangement. Kane is built using the clinker ply method and computer faired mould shapes for this are given on the drawings...
    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • Goat Island Skiff Plans PDF

    Goat Island Skiff Plans PDF

    If you need printed plans, click HERE   Simple to BuildModern Performance - Sails rings around most "character boats"Light enough to handle on land by yourselfEasy to follow plans - step by step instructions. The Goat Island Skiff is my most...
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  • Beth Classic Sailing Canoe Plans PDF

    Beth Classic Sailing Canoe Plans PDF

    For printed plans for Beth, click HERE. A Caveat I have decided to make plans for my sailing canoe "Beth" available through Duckworks, but there is a serious caveat: This boat is only suitable for people with a reasonable sailing background. Someone who...
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