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The smallest practical cruiser.

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"ELCO 26 PLANS" - Original 26' classic cruiser, wood. Original Elco design, redrawn by designer Tom Beard. 25' 11" LOA, Beam 8' 6", Draft 2' 3". Includes arrangements, lines, table of offsets, construction drawings, profiles, etc. Plans include article reprint from "Elco Boating", published month to month by the Elco Works, Bayonne, N.J., 1929, and complete list of specifications. 5 sheets.

The Elco Twenty-siz. The smallest practical cruiser.
Accommodations for four people

The 26-foot Elco Cruiser, first presented to the public early in 1925, now has the enthusiastic recommendation of nearly two hundred owners. Two years of service as a day boat, fisherman, sailboat tender, in the Navy of a foreign power, and in coastwise cruising
have shown the fundamental idea and design of this smallest practical cruiser to be correct. A greatly augmented equipment list and a few modifications which were found desirable, make the present model a
complete small cruising boat.


The many exclusive and patented features of her design give the Eico Twenty-Six the accommodations usually found only in boats of considerably more than her scant twenty-six feet of overall length. The cabin has two transom seats which, with their hinged spring backs, make up into upper and lower berths for four people. On the port side aft is located the galley which is fitted with a two-burner stove, sink with drain board and running water, dish racks, knife drawer, and stowage shelves all compactly but conveniently arranged. Opposite the galley is a very large full-length clothes locker. The toilet compartment forward is separated from the cabin by a bulkhead. It is fitted with a high-grade yacht closet, wash basin, and linen shelf. Additional shelves and hanging space are also provided. In the extreme bow is an ample bin for ropes. A large square hatch directly over the toilet gives ventilation and access to the deck.

The cockpit is unusually large and is protected by a khaki awning and windshield. The ice box is located in the forward port corner convenient to the galley and where it does not infringe on useful space. The spark and throttle and reverse controls of special Elco type are centered at the wheel which is located on the starboard side.

The Eico Twenty-Six is powered with an Elco-Gray model Z four-cylinder Marine Engine of i5-l8 horsepower, installed under the cockpit floor and accessible through flush hatches or by lifting away the cabin steps. Electric starting and lighting and enclosed reverse gear are regular equipment. Switches, starting button, fuses, ammeter, and choke are located just inside the cabin where they are protected from the weather.

Mechanical details of the engine and its installation are so simple that anyone with the slightest automobile experience can handle it successfully. Engine noise and vibration are noticeably absent throughout the boat.

Quartering View Elco Twenty-six
Showing large cockpit, windshield, and shippy appearance

The care and operation of the boat requires a minimum of effort. Everything has been designed to eliminate the unnecessary and retain the essential. In construction and material, as shown by the specifications, she is the equal of her larger and more expensive sisters. Seaworthy quallties are assured by generous beam and proper
lines. She is most economical in first cost and in operation. Gasoline and oil for a thousand mile trip will cost less than forty dollars. Furthermore the owner is assured that his investment is protected by a high resale value even after several years of use.

Outline Specifications—Model 2-6—Series 2.16

Length, overall
25 feet 11 inches
Beam, extreme
8 feet 8 inches
2 feet 3 inches
Sleeping accommodations
4 persons
Headroom, cabin
5 feet 8 inches
9 miles per hour
Elco-Gray, four cylinder
Bore and Stroke
3-5/8" x 4"
Horsepower, rated
15-18 H.P.
Reverse Gear
Marine Planetary
Fuel tank capacity
25 gallons
Water tank capacity
25 gallons
  • BOAT CONSTRUCTION. Keel and frames, selected white oak. Planking, white cedar; galvanized screw fastenings with all heads puttied. Decks, canvas covered. Exterior trim, mahogany. Interior, white with
    ash trim.
  • PAINTING AND VARNISHING. Underbody, antifouling green. Topsides, yacht white. Decks, buff. Exterior trim, varnish. Interior, white and varnish.
  • METAL WORK. Rudder and skeg, shaft and propeller, inboard stuffing box and outboard bearing, all of bronze. Deck fittings, steering wheel and engine controls, brass. Mooring bitt, galvanized iron. Portlights and joiner hardware) brass.
  • PLUMBING. Water closet, yacht type. Galley sink, white enamel. Pump and seacock) bronze. Water tank, galvanized.
  • ELECTRIC SYSTEM. Starting and lighting, two-unit 6-volt. Storage battery. Cabin lamps, electric; sailing lamps, electric and oil.


Upholstery: Cabin seat cushions and pipe berth-cushions spring type) fabric covered. Floor covering, linoleum in cabin and cockpit.

Awning Two mooring lines
Mast and rigging Six life jackets
Anchor and cable Sailing lights
Flag poles Stove
Yacht ensign Ice box
Bow flag Tank measuring rod
Bilge pump Engine tools
Electric horn Name and license numbers
Fog horn Instructions
Fire extinguisher  

Cabin looking forward

Cabin looking aft

Following is a spec sheet from the Elco Works



DESIGN 26-B-42 --- MODEL 26 --- SERIES 218


Length, overall
Length, water line
Beam, overall
Draft, normal
Freeboard of hull, bow
Freeboard of hull, stern
Headroom of cabin
Displacement, normal


These specifications are intended to cover an Elco boat as shown by above indicated design and as described on the following pages, structurally complete in all essential respects and including the fittings, furnishings and equipment as listed herein.

Materials used are of highest quality tor the purposes intended, being carefully selected and proportioned, and construction throughout executed by experienced workmen, in the most approved manner.


Built and equiped as specified, in proper condition, and operating at full power, this boat has a speed of 10 statute miles per hour.

Trials run at our plant, of sufficient duration to determine that all working parts operate correctly, that the power plant is developing its specified power and is in proper condition for continued operation.

Delivery, unless otherwise arranged, in the water at our Plant, in commission and complete as specified.


Arrangement of boat is shown by plan of Design 26-B-42 which is attached hereto, and which forms a part of these specifications.


Keel of white oak, sided 2 1/4". Stem, stem knee and stern Knee, natural crook hackmatack and oak. Frames of straight grained oak, steam bent, 1- 1/4" X 1-1/4", spaced 12" centers. Transom of white cedar, curved. Floor timbers of oak, fitted on each trame. Clamps and
stringers of yellow pine.

Planking of selected white cedar, 7/8" thick, in long lengths, carefully fitted to insure a smooth hull surface. Planking fastened with galvanized wood screws, heads let into planking and puttied.

Decking of pine, caried on oak beams. Deck covered with canvas tightly stretched and laid in wet paint.

Engine foundation of oak, of substantial construction.

Gunwhale cap of mahogany, from raised deck around stern. Foot rails on raised deck, oak. Guards, mahogany half round, at main and raised sheers.


Cabin top formed by raised forward deck. Cabin fitted with large hinged ports providing ample light and ventilation. Companionway at center line, with mahogany hinged hatch and door.

Cockpit arranged as shown on plan, and finished with mahogany trim. Locker and. stowage space provided under the cockpit floor, readily accessible. Cockpit floor of pine, with hatches over engine and over rudder. Seat across after end of cockpit, with cushion and with life preserver stowage under. Scuppers draining to sea, at after end. Gasoline tank enclosed by panels with mahogany top.

Interior arrangement as shown on plan. Bulkheads, seat fronts, etc., finished in paint. Tops ot dressers, etc., mahogany varnished. All joiner hardware of brass and bronze.

Forepeak locker at stem, accessible from lavatory, with water tank and shelves.

Lavatory forward, with door from cabin, and lighted and ventilated by deck hatch and portlights.

Cabin arranged with transom seats, or berths, at sides, and separated from galley by partial bulkhead. Seat backs arranged to hinge up, making in all four comfortable berths. Galley at after end of cabin, with dresser, sink, dish racks and shelves. Built in ice box on starboard side, lined with zinc and having separate food and ice compartments. Mahogany battens under deck beams for stowage. Hanging or stowage space opposite galley, with hooks and shelves. Cabin lighted and ventilated by ports and companion door and hatch. Engine under cockpit floor, accessible through hatch, and front accessible under portable cabin stairs.


The entire rudder gear is of bronze, ot special design. The rudder is easily removable and the stocK is fitted for the protection ot the rudder and propeller.

The steering gear is conveniently located, with a vertical type brass wheel. The steering line is of galvanized flexible wire rope, reeving around a drum and leading directly to the rudder over a pair of sheaves, and fitted with turnbuckles.


A bronze stern shoe is combined with the stern bearing for the propeller shaft. The stem band, chocks, cleats, flagpole sockets, tender cleats, etc., are ot brass. Mooring bitt of galvanized iron.


Water closet of hand operated type with bronze pump and fittings. Sink and wash basin of white enameled iron. Fresh water tank heavily galvanized, of 40 gallons capacity, located in forepeak, and water supplied to fixtures by gravity.


EIco-Gray Gasoline Marine Engine, 6 cylinder, 3-1/4" bore, and 3-3/4" stroke, normally developing 27 H.P. This engine manufactured tor the Elco, Twenty-Six, by the Gray Marine Motor Company of Detroit. Cylinders cast enbloc, with removable head. Bronze babbit bearings. Flywheel entirely enclosed. Ignition by battery. Oiling by pump circulating system. Exhaust manifoid water-jacKeted. Reverse mechanism, planetary marine reverse gear.


Exaust water cooled, with discharge at the stern. Engine controls conveniently arranged, with spark and throttle at the steering gear, and reverse control alongside instruments on bulkhead, and switches inside of cabin door.

Shaft of Tobin Bronze. Stuffing box inboard, of non-metallic bearing type, easily accessible. Stern bearing cutless rubber, especially combined with stern shoe. Propeller of bronze, three blade.


Gasoline tank of steel, heavily galvanized, located at forward end of cockpit, portside, and arranged for gavity feed; capacity 45 gallons. Filling plug in top of tank. Connection between tank and carburetor by copper tubing, with strainer and water trap. Drip pan under carburetor.


Two-unit, 6 volt starting and lighting system installed on engine, combined with storage battery of 90 ampere hour capacity.

Cabin equipped with electric lights, with suitable tixtures, Electric sailing and anchor lights, permanently installed. Light in cockpit under awning.


Hull, outside, two coats ot anti-touling paint below water line, and three coats ot yacht white above water line. Decks painted three coats.

All exterior bright work finished with three coats of best spar varnish.

Interior finished in paint, and trim finished with spar varnish.


Awning frame of spruce, supported by windshield at forward end, and stanchions ot galvanized pipe at aft end. Covering of canvas permanently attached and painted.

Windshield of mahogany and plate glass, with three windows across tront, and one at each side.

Grab rails on awning for going forward.


Cushions tor cabin seats, with springs, tor pipe berths, and for cockpit seat. Cabin seats covered with fabric, and cockpit seat with imitation leather.

Floors throughout covered with linoleum.


To consist of the following, all properly stowed on board.
(includes certain items previously specified).

Deck Equipment

1 Bow Light, permanent, electric
1 Range and anchor light, permanent, electric
1 Anchor light, portable, oil
1 Anchor light, lanyard
1 Signal horn
1 Fog bell
1 Fog Horn
6 Life preservers
1 Mast with yard, rigging and halyards
1 Flag staff, bow, with cleat and halyards
1 Flag staff, stern, with cleat and halyards
1 Flag staff, mast head
1 Yacht, ensign, 48"
1 Eico burgee, 24"
1 Anchor, 33 Ib. kedge type
1 Anchor Cable, 5/8" x 100 ft.
1 set anchor chocks and lashings
2 Dock lines, manila, 1/2" x 25 ft.
1 Awning, permanent
1 set Side Curtains around cocKpit
1 Sounding rod, fuel tanK
1 Sounding rod, tresh water tank
1 Gasoling filling funnel

Cabin Equipment and Furnishings

1 set Spring Seat Cushions in cabin
1 set Pipe Berth Cushions in cabin
1 Seat Cushion in cockpit
1 set Linoleum in cabin
1 set Linoleum in cockpit
1 set Toilet fittings in lavatory
1 Mirror in lavatory
1 set Dish Racks in galley
1 Refrigerator, built in
1 Stove
1 set Electric Bulbs, cabin lights
1 set Electric Bulbs, cockpit lights
1 set Electric Bulbs, sailing lights
1 set Fuses
1 Compass, 4" in special binnacle
1 lot Iron ballast, 800 lbs.

General and Engine Room Equipment

1. Fire Extinguisher, I quart
1 Buiige Pump, hand, portable
1 set door keys
1 set Instructions and boat information
1 set Pilot Rules
1 set Tools, engine and boat
1 Starting crank
1 set Switch Keys
1 Name on Stern
1 Hailing port on stern
1 License number on bows
1 License award sheet


1 Strainer glass
2 strainer glass gasKets
4 Spark. Plugs
2 Lighting tuses
2 Generator tuses
1 set Shatt stuffing box packing
2 Cabin bulbs
2 Sailing light bulbs
1 can Fire extinguishing fluid


1-1/4" X 1-1/4"
Sheer Clamp
1-1/4" X 2-5/8"
Breast Hook
Deck Beams
1-1/4" x 1-7/8"
Rudder Stock
Rudder Plate
Bilge Stringers
1-1/4" X 3-1/2"
Stern Knee
Cockpit Awning stringers
5/8" x 2-1/4"
Cockpit Awning Beams
3/4" x 3" (forward beam
tapered to 1-1/2" at ends)
Interior Joinery
Cabin Sole
Cockpit Sole
Deck Canvas
10 oz.
Awning Canvas
10 oz.


The Elco 26 designed dlsplacenent is 6500 lbs. or 2.9 tons. Therefore, a builder should have a completed DRY boat at 5800 lbs. This gives him a useful half-load of 700 lbs.


720 lbs.
175 lbs.
187 lbs.
318 lbs
1400/2 = 700 lbs.

The engine should be at least 18.5 HP, gas or Diesel. This should push
the boat along at about 7.1 knots, using 0.78 GPH Diesel or l.3 GPM gasoline @ 60% power. A much larger engine is not really called for.
A comfortable 5.5 to 6 knot speed should reduce fuel consumption by
about 40%.

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