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A Small but Robust Row, Motor or Sailing Pram.
Similar in design to the "WEDGE", but with many modifications.

The idea for the EASY ONE came from the readers who requested a simple yet useful small multi-purpose hull design. It includes an ample beam, great freeboard, generous volume, seating for one (or two), and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, quite portable and utilizes a standard trolling or small gas motor.

To have strength and yet be lightweight, the plans use some non-traditional methods of assembly, specifically the "Tape & Glue 2" construction process developed and incorporated by the designer. This provides a durable, yet truly portable, finished boat, and the building process is easily mastered by the home handyman and amateur boat builder.

As a result, only hand tools, a jig-saw, a power drill and a large carpenters square, scissors, and tape measure are all that will be required throughout the assembly process.

Be selective in your choice of materials. Use plywood that is preferably exterior rated. Marine Plywood is very expensive, so the use of ACX Grade is recommended, but be choosy. It is important to note, the final choice of materials is the decision of the builder. We have made specific recommendations, but if the builder has previous experience with different methods and materials, that is their choice, and we respect that decision. Certainly, minor changes in design are encouraged, to provide a 'custom' boat to satisfy a builders specific needs. We do not make changes to the drawings. This would be up to the individual builder, and their responsibility. Also, it is very important that none of the basic design parameters be drastically modified, as this may adversely affect overall boat safety and/or performance.

One of many of the step-by-step illustrations in the plans

Seating choice is also up to the builder. I have folding seat plans available for free on the website. It should also be noted that the hull modules can be glued and screwed together, for those that do not have limitations of storage or transportation.

The hull could be constructed using 1/4" plywood, for greater durability, or the exterior could also be fiberglassed, allowing yet thinner and lighter plywood hull building material. Again, builders choice.


Note that all renderings have been hand drawn, and as such may have some irregularities.

On the Water Photos:

This is the Easy One loaded in my PT CRUISER. As you can see, everything fits. Trolling motor, battery, seat, paddles and a bail bucket with sponge. After all, this is the maiden voyage, and you never know what to expect.
Now the boat is assembled and fully loaded with all the articles previously mentioned. I have placed the battery behind the seat, in the rear module. My guess is that it will have to be relocated to the forward module, for proper balance on the water.
Easy One is sitting alone in the water, and first glance indicated the hull is already aft heavy. I will relocate the 45 pound battery to the front, prior to further testing. Today, December 11, was a beautiful day, with temperatures in the low 60's. Love Arizona!
This is another photo of the boat just sitting in the water. Again, it looks aft heavy. The battery was relocated after this photo was taken. Next, it's out on the water for more testing.
Finally on the water, which had some roughness due to windy conditions, Easy One was stable and comfortable. The bow shape provided very good passage through the water.
Heading back to the ramp, at full speed, having spent about 25 minutes testing the boat for maneuvering and comfort. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with the first days results!

Note about sailing rig:

The Easy One Sail Rig Plans are separate, and will be available as an individual plan set. They will include hull modifications, mast step and opening, daggerboard & opening, kick-up rudder, folding mast assembly, folding boom, sail plan outline and standard rigging.

There is an optional side positioned motor mount that puts the motor controls within easy arms reach, without steering extensions or remote speed controls. The plans for the mount are free, and can be downloaded HERE.

Any questions or comments regarding the construction and/or design of this project will be responded to in a timely fashion. Thank you for your interest, and for purchasing these plans, and good luck with your project. And don't forget to visit www.PortableBoatPlans.Com for new designs and updates.

Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer

Plans for Easy One consist of a 46 page PDF document with detailed step by step instructions and many color photographs and drawings. Here are some sample pages

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