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Length 4795 ( 15´ 8 3/4" )
Beam 767 ( 30 1/4")

Toucanoe is recreational kayak, designed for daytrips with kids and overnight trips with two adults on sheltered waters. Max total load is ca 250kg ( including boats weight ).

I would not use it as solo paddling kayak – for that purpose there are more suitable designs available.

There is also option to convert kayak to sailing trimaran

Trimaran is best sailed as solo( fastest ), but it can take nicely another adult. With two adults and two small kids it is ok for day sailing. We made two nights camping trip with two adults and two kids, but it was a too much weight what boat could handle nicely.

Trimaran uses Michael Storer´s Ozracer rig and foils. So If you want to try trimaran sailing, you also need to purchase Ozracer plans :

( note that there is two alternative rigs - I prefer lugrig option )

The trimaran is not designed for big open waters. When weather grows up, waves might splash to seats and slow speed down and make things wet. Max speed what I have reached is 7.4 knots - on quite strong wind. It started to throw some water inside, but was still comfortable to sail.

It is also possible to do canoe sailing without building the trimaran. Plans contains required modifications to fit Michael Storer´s drop in kayak rig and RSS 36 square feet canoe sail to the boat.

Canoe takes three sheets of 4mm plywood

Trimaran needs four sheets of 4mm plywood and one sheet of 12mm plywood.

Plans come in both A4 and letter formats. Be sure that you select right file to match your paper size. At the end of the plans there are printable 1:1 patterns. Check your printing options, that you have set print scale 1:1 ( or scale = none, or scaling 100%, or actual size ) when printing these pages – test different printing options for accurate result.

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