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  • Swifty 13 Plans

    Swifty 13 Plans

    The Swifty 13 is a great day-sailer with minimal overnight capabilities.The cabin is a haven during inclement weather, and will secure your gear while you're on land again. There is ample sleeping room for one (two if they are very close friends!)...

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  • Leif 7 Plans

    Leif 7 Plans

    The Leif 7' is a handy little tender. Many large-boat owners with moored or anchored-out vessels enjoy the Leif's spunky agility; whether its a jaunty trip around the marina or shoreline gunkholing, this little dingy will get you where you want to go...

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  • Schooner Cat Plans

    Schooner Cat Plans

    Featuring an enclosed cabin (for sun protection only, or complete weather protection) of about 50 square feet with generous sitting head room and removable windows, the Schooner Cat 18 sleeps two—and, at under 1200 lbs., can be easily towed and...

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  • Schooner 18c Plans

    Schooner 18c Plans

    This is a variation on the popular Schooner 18, with the front wall of the cabin moved 21" forward. The cockpit is more suitable for four as opposed to six. Because the cabin expansion is into the wider part of the boat, the actual increase in cabin...

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  • Great Blue Heron Plans

    Great Blue Heron Plans

    The Heron is designed to be an all-purpose sailboat equally comfortable under power. Features include: bright, airy pilot-house style cabin; light, strong semi-planing hull; quiet, well-mounted outboard power; twin shoal draft keels and rudders for...

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  • Swifty 12 Plans

    Swifty 12 Plans

    The Swifty 12 is our most popular boat, very fine for sailing, also great for rowing and motoring. Docile and easily handled, the Swifty will plane on a reach in a good breeze—while you fly, you're dry! It has plenty of room for three or four people,...

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  • Schooner 18 Plans

    Schooner 18 Plans

    The Schooner 18 is a luxurious day sailor for 2-4, with pretenses of being a basic cruiser for 1-2. The bilge keels provide good lateral resistance as well as easy and upright beaching.The aft cabin is quite adequate for sleeping, changing clothes, using...

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