Black Friday DUCK DEALS are here!

Black Friday DUCK DEALS are here!

Get 10% off storewide* -- and a FREE Duckworks Rubber Ducky on supply orders of $50 or more!

OK folks, here's the deal! We're super stoked to be offering 10% off on PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING in the store, with a couple of notable exceptions: boat plans and sails. (Why are we leaving those out? In a nutshell, we have agreements with our plan designers and sailmakers to sell their wares at set prices.)

But guess what IS included in that 10% off? CNC BOAT KITS! That's right, you could save hundreds on the kits for the 12' Scamp10' Scout7' Portage Pram, and more. You could potentially save even more than that when you grab the supplies for your build at the same time!

If you've been thinking about building your own boat but have been waiting for the right time... well here you go. What better way to make the most of the dark and dreary months than by building yourself a boat for next summer? For a bit of inspiration, here's an overview video of our fun and quick-to-build Scout! 

PLUS, as a little bonus, all supply orders of $50 or more that ship out from our warehouse between now and Monday will receive a free Duckworks Rubber Duckie. Isn't he a cute little guy? 

Note that there's NO promo code needed... the 10% discount on eligible items should automatically show up in your cart at checkout, and so will the Rubber Ducky when you meet that $50 minimum. Sale ends at midnight Pacific time on Monday night, 11/27/23. 

Have a great weekend, all!

Nov 22nd 2023 Katie Malik

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